Hairstyle Tricks for Busy Girls

Hairstyle Tricks for Busy Girls

We all are busy. We have engagements at school at work or simply at home, which must be taken care of by you and me. But the fact that we are so busy and that we always run out of time doesn’t mean that we must look bad and inappropriate. That’s where the beauty tricks come like a hero for us. All of the beauty tricks are invented to serve us with two main purposes – to save us time and to make us look good.

Today we will talk about tricks for our hair that will help you create beautiful designs in no time. Take a look at the suggestions down below and I hope they will work for you as good as they work for me. Take a look at the suggestions down below:

The low bun

This hairstyle is simple and elegant, which makes it perfect for your office day in order to look perfect for the elegant atmosphere in the office. Tie the hair into a low ponytail and separate two strands from the sides of the head.

Then make a hole above the hair band and twist the tail through that hole. Keep twisting the tail through that hole until the whole tail is wrapped around. Then, attach the side section and your elegant low bun is ready. Enjoy it!

The braided chignon

This is also a low bun, but the sides of the hair are quite effective, because they are actual braids:

  • Comb the hair to the back and split fishbone braids at the sides.

  • Roll the remaining hair into a bun and secure it with hair band or bobby pins.

  • Wrap the base of the bun with the side braids.

  • Done!

The one-side braid

If you hair is a little bit curly – this hairstyle is for you: Split a fishbone braid and tuck it under the hair at the back of the head. Toss the rest of the hair in front of the other shoulder. Enjoy!

The braided top knot

Bow down and split a fishbone braid at the back of the hair, up to the crown area. Tie the remaining hair into a top knot bun. Done!

hair tricks for busy girls

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