Great World Festivals to Visit in April
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Great World Festivals to Visit in April

There are a lot of people who organize their annual leave months before that. But there are also other people who decide to go on vacation the next day and do it without hesitating. Since I really encourage such spontaneous decisions, I decided to prepare for those of you who want to travel in April a list of some interesting festivals held at that time of the year they could visit. You could pack your backs and take off.

#1 Land Diving, Vanuatu

This festival could be considered quite scary by some people in our modern-day society, but it actually represents a traditional tribal ritual. This is the Naghol Land Diving ritual in Vanuatu. It is held every year on 1st April by the Sa tribe. This ritual looks a bit like bungee jumping, but without the bouncing back effect.

This ritual represents fertility and the coming of age, or the rite of passage, of the men in the tribe.

For this festival the tribe build a high tower made of tree branches and logs. They tie a vine on top of the tower. The rope needs to be shorter than the tower. Then a man from the tribe is tied on the other end of the vine. He needs to jump from the top of the tower. The shorter length of the vine will help him not hit the ground but land bruising himself. It is very attractive kind of festival and some people would find it interesting to witness.

#2 Water Festival, Thailand

You may have not heard of the Water Festival, but you should know the Thai New Year. And they are the same thing. It is also called the Lunar New Year. It is celebrated after the end of winter, in spring, unlike the New Year people celebrate on 1st January.

So, what is the Water Festival like exactly? The holiday takes place from the 13th to the 15th April. And it is called the Water Festival because images of Buddha are bathed and there is water everywhere. People get sprinkled with water and there is good and positive energy in the air.

One of the most significant of the ceremonies during the festival is when young Thais ask for the blessing of older people. They give them their blessings by pouring sacred water on their hands.

#3 Feria de San Marcos, Mexico

From one part of the world we move on to another part of the world and this is Mexico with one of its most popular and interesting festivals called Feria de San Marcos. The dates of the festivals vary but it usually starts around mid-April and lasts for about a month.

This is basically an agricultural festival and it could attract more than a million people. If you decide to attend it, you will hardly regret it because the atmosphere is great and lively. There are a lot of different events that one may attend during the festival including rodeos, competitions, exhibitions, beauty pageants, and live concerts. Basically everyone can find an attraction that will match their interests and likes.

#4 Coachella, California, USA

And how can one miss to include one of the most modern-day festivals in the world, Coachella, in such kind of list?! It is basically unthinkable. For those of you who still have not heard of the holiday, Coachella is an annual music festival held in California. It is one of the major music events all kinds of celebrities attend.

So, yes, if you want to see some of your favorite actors or singers live, then Coachella is the place to go. The dress code is Boho or Hippie style, designer ones, of course. And the mood one should be in during the festival is happy and party.

#5 Queen’s Day, Netherlands

Last, but not least, we have put in the list is a very special holiday in the Netherlands. This is the Queen’s birthday. It is on the 30th April. It is a special holiday with great celebrations all around the country. An interesting fact about this birthday is that it is not queen Beatrix’s day of birth, but her mother’s. Anyways, it is a great way to honor the royal family and, of course, to have some good celebration.

What you can do if you decide to visit Amsterdam during the holiday is to take a boat trip through the famous Amsterdam canals, visit the famous tulip museum and the museum of Anne Frank, and do not forget to wear your orange clothes. As you know this is the national color of the country and at this day of the year people dress in it.

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