Great Places to Visit in September
Rome, Italy - famous Trevi fountain. Fontana di Trevi.

Great Places to Visit in September

September is the month of the year when summer ends – tourists get back to their homes and continue leading their lives as usual. And it is no wonder that people miss the careless days of summer. Not so fast! Summer may end soon but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy some more beach days.

Today we have decided to list some nice places for a September vacation. Among them you will find places when you can enjoy the beach, or some cooler places where to go sightseeing without the usual number of people in the summer months. Check them out!


Italy is a great country to visit, but not in the summer as many people think, because this is the time when hundreds of tourists decide to pay a visit to it which means that the streets will be full of people. There will be long queues for the museums and galleries. And all of this can make your vacation a real nightmare even despite of the beautiful country.

So, why do not you visit it in September? The weather will be still warm enough for you to go to the beach if you want to and there will not be that many tourists bumping into you when you go sightseeing. This way you will have the chance to feel the real spirit of the country.

#2 San Diego, California

There are people who say that the only people who have not still fallen in love with California are the ones who have not visited it. California has a certain free spirit to it which one can only sense when they go there. And if you have not visited it yet, then maybe it is time to do it by starting with San Diego.

When you go there you will have the opportunity to visit the San Diego zoo and the Midway Museum. You can also learn how to surf or go whale watching. There are a lot of things you can do in San Diego and the September weather will be an ideal one for your vacation. And while you are there you should not miss to try some of the local seafood special dishes.

#3 Jamaica

Jamaica is another country which is underestimated in September by a lot of tourists. That is why you could consider going there. The prices are cheaper compared to the prices during the summer which means that you can also find cheaper plane tickets to Jamaica. The country is close to the equator and many people avoid going there is September since the rain season is about to begin. However, they do not get much rain in Jamaica during this time of the year and the chance of hurricane storms is not that big as well. So, you can relax, book your tickets to Jamaica and enjoy some more hot, beach days.

#4 Brazil

The Olympic Games are over, but this does not mean that Brazil does not have still a lot to offer to its tourists beginning with a nice weather and lower prices. If the prices during the Olympic Games were higher than usual, now you can be sure that accommodation and fares will be cheaper.

Another good thing about visiting Brazil at this time of the year is that the tourists will be much fewer than in the summer months which will make your experience much more enjoyable. And last, but not least, the weather will be great. The rain season will not begin till October which gives you enough time to go to the Brazilian beaches and get some suntan.

#5 Greece

Greece is a very popular summer destination in Europe. It has amazing scenery and breathtaking views. There are a lot of movies that are set on Greece islands which makes the country even more attractive for tourists from all over the world. September is one of the best months of the year to visit it.

Many people go there during July or August, but they are far too hot to enjoy your time completely. September, on the other hand, can offer great weather especially for going to the beach. It is still quite warm, but not unbearable as in the hottest summer months. The prices will also be cheaper.

And while you are there do not forget to try some of the local cuisine which includes olives or olive oil, seafood, like fresh fish and octopus, and, of course, some Greek cheese. The taste is really specific and you may like it even if you think that cheese is not your cup of tea.

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