Great Places around the World to Celebrate Halloween This Year
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Great Places around the World to Celebrate Halloween This Year


Even though Halloween is often said to be a holiday that children would be said to celebrate, there are plenty of adults that like it a lot as well. After all this is a great reason to have a party, to dress up in some cool costume, and to have a lot of fun forgetting your everyday problems. Some people like this holiday so much that they have started preparations for it months in advance.

And if one really wants to feel the spirit of the holiday, they can actually celebrate it at some iconic places. To see what we mean, and to give you some ideas about worldwide places to celebrate Halloween, we have prepared for you a list of destinations you can go this year. So, here they are!

#1 Salem, Massachusetts, USA

You have probably heard about the witch-hunt in Salem, USA. Nowadays the celebrations are much more fun, all in the spirit of Halloween inspired by the witch-hunt. In fact, you can visit the place throughout the whole month of October and to have some cool and creepy Halloween experience and not only on the very day of Halloween, 31st October.

There will be, of course, haunted houses and guided tours of them which you could go to. You can also visit the Witch House Museum and to participate in the parades through the town. And let’s just not mention all the people dressed in cool costumes, a lot of magic shows, fireworks, and the traditional bone fires. Pumpkins and all kinds of Halloween decorations will be a part of the holiday as well. Basically, there are plenty of things to experience in Salem during this time of the year.

#2 Transylvania, Romania

The next place which you can visit if you want to feel the creepy Halloween spirit is Transylvania, Romania. If you have read Bram Stoker’s book Dracula, then you already know why this place is in the list. It is actually the home of the world’s most famous vampire, and probably the one that made vampire stories so popular even today, count Dracula.

The whole country of Romania boasts with its great Gothic architecture, and there are many castles the beauty of which one can admire, but Bram Castle is the most famous one because of all the legends and stories about Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s novel. If you decide to visit the castle on Halloween night, you will probably get even more goosebumps than you would on any other day. And after the tour you can have some great Halloween party at some club.

#3 Mexico

If you want to experience the whole American-like Halloween with pumpkins and a lot of different costumes of witches, mummies, vampires, and so on, then you’d better skip the next place in our list for Halloween. But if you want to try something new, again connected to the same kind of holiday, then Mexico is the place to be.

The country celebrates the Day of the Dead or Dia de losMuertos. It is a very colorful holiday at the same time scary. One of the most common symbols of the holiday is skeletons. There are plenty of people wearing skeleton masks with colorful colors and costumes. There are parades, folk dances, and fire rituals which you can take park in.

#4 Sleepy Hollow, USA

The next place is a real iconic place for Halloween and it is Sleepy Hollow. This is not an ordinary place in the USA, it is actually the setting of one of the classical American pieces of literature – Washington Irving’sThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow. If you want to “get inside” the story, the right place is Sleepy Hollow and the right time is Halloween.

If you visit this place on Halloween, you will not only meet the Headless Horseman, but also Frankenstein’s Monster, vampires, mummies, witches. There will be a parade leaded by the Headless Horseman. There will be also plenty of carved pumpkins and decorations for the holiday. And if you decide to visit Sleepy Halloween during the holiday, you may also pay a visit to the old cemetery where Washington Irving is buried.

#5 Ireland

Last in our list, but not least, is Ireland. If you happen to be in Europe and not America on Halloween, you can also have a great time celebrating. The holiday in Ireland is called Samhain Night and it is based on an old Irish festival celebrating the end of the harvest period.

If you visit the country, you will get a real festive experience because of all the parades, costumes, bonfires, and even ghost tours in haunted houses. You can also spend your time there watching some of the traditional for this time of the year scary movies. And then you could visit some of the local bars to have a costume party.

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