Great Make Up For Colored Eyes

Great Make Up For Colored Eyes

If your eyes are bright and colorful, then you should definitely try this makeup design. It is perfect for casual makeup, for your work or for daily tasks. But if you thicken the liner and apply a little bit more mascara, it will turn into a classy evening makeup design. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps one by one if you want to create this makeup design:

The shape of the design is perfect for round eyes, because it will make them look elongated.

  • So, as usual, you have to start with the brows. Enhance them according to their natural thickness. If the brows are too thin and pale, you’ll have to draw a shape and then fill it in, but if the brows are only pale, but thick – you have to apply a little bit of color with a flat brush. Choose the color according to the color of your hair.
  • Then apply primer to the lids, because it will hold the eyeshadows, which will make the makeup long lasting.
  • Then apply nude matte eyeshadow all over the lids in order to even out the skin color.
  • Then apply a bronze color into a V shape, which is created by two lines – one as an extension of the bottom lash line and the other, that connects the first one with the crease.
  • Fill in the V shape with dark brown color and smudge until you create a smoky effect.
  • Reapply the colors the same way and smudge again until you get the needed intensity of the colors.
  • Then apply cat-eye liner with very long flick ad the outer corner of the eye.
  • Make sure that you will enhance the bottom lid as well, but leave the bottom waterline nude. You can even apply nude colored pencil for the big-eyes effect.
  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara.



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