Great Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Bookworms
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Great Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Bookworms


Nowadays there are a lot of different ways and ideas one could decorate their home. It does not matter what particular decoration style a person wants, from their own country, or some more exotic one, they will be able to find the right type of furniture to decorate their house with, even if they have to order some of the furniture from another country.

This way the home decoration can be a thematic one as well. One could choose any kind of theme that appeals to them and to decorate their place based on it. Today we decided to give some bedroom decoration ideas to those of you who love reading. One could decorate their bedroom easily with cute book-inspired ideas. Check them out!

#1 Create your own reading corner

The first thing that you can create in your bedroom or in your home as a whole is your own reading corner. The best place for it is somewhere near a window. This way when you are reading you will use the natural sunlight.

Another thing you could consider for this reading corner is a comfortable couch on which to cuddle with a good book. You could put a small table next to the couch to leave your cup of coffee or tea there and the other books which you have prepared to read.

If you want to make this reading corner of yours even more secluded, you could surround it with some drapes attached to the ceiling. This way you will make it look even prettier, cozier, and more pleasant for reading.

#2 Bed linen with a book pattern

The next idea for decorating your bedroom in a book-inspired style is to get yourself a bedding set with a book-sheet pattern. This way you could sleep under the comforting words of your favorite author and will create a great additional decoration for your bedroom.

This type of decoration is very useful and it is not a type of such that takes extra place. On the contrary, it naturally creates a book-inspired bedroom style and you can be sure that people who love reading will adore it.

#3 A bell jar with books

Another type of decoration which one would probably fall in love with is a bell jar with books under it. Those of you who are fans of Sylvia Plath’s book “The Bell Jar” would probably like the idea of having one at home, but with books under it.

It is also a bit “Beauty and the Beast”-inspired because the rose the beast has is protected by a bell jar. But instead of the flower, one could keep books. You could have it in your living room and you could chose some old, vintage-style books which to make this room prettier than it is.

#4 A table made of books

The next decoration idea is again very useful since it is not only a decoration but a type of furniture. If you adore books, you can create your own table or nightstand from books and to keep things on it. If you decide to make a table from books, you will need some number of such, like 20-40 depending on their size and on the height of the table you want it to have.

And the books can be the legs of the table. You can put some board, or some window if you prefer the table to become even more vintage-like, on top of them for the surface of the table. Or if you want to create a nightstand from books, you can put a number of books one on top of the other to make it. It could be as high as you want.

#5 Book-shape cushions

The next thing that you can use to decorate your bedroom with in a book-inspired style is to have cushions in the shape of books. Some people prefer to have cushions with some famous quotes from their favorite books, but you could also have a cushion in the shape of a book, or even in the shape of an open book. They will look great on your reading couch, or on your book-pattern bed linen.

#6 Books as flower pots

There are a lot of things and ways to decorate your bedroom or house inspired by book, so we cannot list them all, but you can use these ideas as inspiration and find out some other ones. The last idea in our list is rather unusual and maybe not all people will like it, but it is definitely interesting.

You can actually use some old book to create different things from it, like a pot for some flower. Or if you do not want to ruin the book, you could buy such pots that already exist and are made of some other material and not sheets.

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