Gorgeous Bun Hairstyle for Beginners

Gorgeous Bun Hairstyle for Beginners


This gorgeous bun hairstyle is so trendy right now! It may look complicated but if you follow the steps one at a time, you will find it totally doable. That’s why this tutorial is designed in a way to suit both professionals and those who have no idea what are doing with their hair in front of the mirror. You will find the steps very easy to follow, so let’s see what you need to do.

Step 1: Grab the crown section and secure it into a low pony at the back. The tutorial works best with longer hair that has long or no layers, but if you have shorter hair, you may try it out anyway and see how it goes!

Step 2: Take a strand of hair from each side of the pony and pull them towards the back. Now tie the two strands off with a clear rubber band on top of the first pony.

Step 3: Make an inverted ponytail from the second one. To do this, create a space in the hair just above the rubber band. For best results, try to make the hole as close to the elastic band as possible. Now, pull the ponytail all the way through the hole. Slide up the hair band to tighten for a strong hold.

Step 4: Create another ponytail by pulling two hair pieces towards the back, securing them into a pony below the first two.

Step 5: Make an inverted ponytail from it using the same technique.

Step 6: Follow this process by creating another inverted ponytail underneath these.

Step 7: Working with the rest of your hair, braid it into a French braid.

Step 8: Gently tuck the braid underneath the ponytails, making a nice bun.

Step 9: Pin the ends in place to make sure that everything is secured in place and add a hairspray. You can finish off your look by adding some pearl pearls on the side.

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