Gorgeous Black-Green Eye Makeup

Gorgeous Black-Green Eye Makeup


Many brown-eyed ladies are unaware of the different ways to use makeup in order to make an absolutely breathtaking fashion statement. Luckily, the internet is packed with gorgeous makeup looks and tutorials by talented makeup artists. If you need a nudge to try something new, then may we suggest experimenting with this stunning black-green eye makeup look?

Step 1: Grab your black eye pencil and apply a delicate line across your crease line. Do not focus on this part being perfect as you will need to smudge the line in the next step.

Step 2: For this step, you need to have a nice blending brush. Its design makes it very easy to get in the crease and softly feather the color out. Hold the tip of the handle and swirl in circular motions to softly smudge the shadows along your crease.

Step 3: Next up, grab a soft makeup brush to apply metallic vanilla eyeshadow with a moderately frosted pearl finish just below the crease line. This is will be the base colour. Lightly sweep the brush from side to side for a smoky, sultry look.

Step 4: Now, for the fun part, take another brush and dip in the intense green shadow. Carefully distribute the color underneath the crease, from the inner corner towards the centre of your eyelid.

Step 5: Apply black eyeliner on your upper lash line. Make sure it is applied close to the roots.

Step 6: Apply fake eyelashes by placing the strip on your eyelid, positioning it as close as possible to your natural lashes. Last but not least, use ultra creamy mascara with lengthening and volumizing formula to get you sexed up in one stroke. To achieve maximum intensity, go ahead and pile on coat after coat – the creamy formula won’t get brittle or clumpy.


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