Girly Spring Ideas to Try This Month
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Girly Spring Ideas to Try This Month


Fashion and seasons are actually very good friends. Fashion gives new ideas and outfits to wear while seasons give new inspirations to designers. The great thing is that all season round you can wear different outfits to match the weather and your style and, of course, to feel good in your skin. If you are looking for some more inspirations, you can try out some of these outfits.

#1 Green skirt

One way of celebrating spring is dressing in fresh and bright colors. That is why the first of our suggestions includes a vibrant and fresh spring color – green. Skirts are usually a girly kind of outfit and if you want to make this one even girlier, you can choose one with a bow belt on the waist.

As for the length, you can wear both long skirt and a short one but the short one will add some more freshness and lightness to your outfit as a whole.

You can match the skirt with a shirt or a simple top in white or in dark blue. Both combinations will be suitable for the skirt. You just have to decide which one you prefer.

You can also consider having some kind of jacket for the cool spring days that may come. And when it comes to the shoes, you definitely can stick to flats to add some more innocence and freshness to this spring outfit.

#2 Bows everywhere

Bows are extremely girly (of course, when we do not talk about bowties). And that is why if you want to wear a girly outfit this season you should definitely not miss to wear a bow. The idea we are going to share with you has a lot of bows.

The bottom part of the outfit is a skirt again like the previous outfit but this time it is not in only one color, it has a pattern. The base color is white with black bows on it.

The skirt should once again be a short one, for example, a little bit above the knee. And you can also choose a high-waist skirt if you want since they have been in fashion lately.

The top part of the outfit should be a simple black top which will complement the black bows on the skirt and at the same time it will not distract the attention from them.

And since we talk about girly outfits, you should consider wearing some girly accessories as well. A necklace with pearls will add some more sophistication apart from the typical for this outfit femininity.

You can also add a small shoulder bag or a clutch bag to the outfit. As for the shoes, both high heels and flats are suitable but high heels will add elegance as well.

You can choose such in a color different from black and white in order to add a contrasting color. This way the outfit will become even more interesting and fashionable, you can be sure about that.

#3 Baby colors

We mentioned bows, skirts, high heels and flats as a part of the classical girly style and what we have left to add is a couple of colors – baby pink and baby blue. These colors are considered to be typically girly one because of their sweetness and innocence. So, here is a way you can match them to create a cute girly outfit for a day out.

For this outfit we have chosen a baby blue shirt matched with a baby pink skirt. The skirt could be a flared and high-waist one in which the blue shirt will be tucked in. the shirt should be about a knee-length to add some more innocence to the outfit.

For the shoes we have chosen high heels, this time only high heels, in light beige color. If you find such with bows on top, you will complement the outfit even more, especially the girly part of it.

And you should also consider wearing a colorful bag that will not distract one’s attention and will not take it away from the rest of the outfit, but it will complement it. You can choose yellow for the purpose. It is a vibrant and energetic color which is not over-the-top and that it why it will do a great job. A light orange color is also suitable for the bag.

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