Gift Ideas for People who Love Coffee
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Gift Ideas for People who Love Coffee


There are some people who cannot start working if they have not had a sip of coffee. Some people are so addicted to it that they would rather give up eating than drinking coffee. And if you know such people and you are wondering what to give them for Christmas, then you are reading the right article. You may simply use their coffee addiction as an inspiration for a gift you need to take for them. So, check out these ideas and tell us which one is your favorite.

#1 Personalized coffee mug

The first idea is pretty obvious, but some people just forget about it. Personalized coffee mug is a great gift for a colleague you have to give a present to. Especially if this colleague is famous for this habit of theirs. You can put a picture of them on the mug, or you could choose a funny sign for it. There are a lot of ideas which you can try, but you can be sure that people who love coffee love to receive mugs.

#2 A coffee plant

This idea is quite smart and you can be sure if the person who you give it to loves coffee a lot will appreciate it. There are flower shops which sell coffee plants, or you could buy this person only coffee beans for growing their own coffee plant. And it does not matter if this plant will grow and could actually be harvested one day, the idea is quite smart and fun. So, you definitely need to consider it.

#3 Coffee jewelry

The next idea is rather suitable for girls who love coffee because it is a type of jewelry. And it is jewelry in the shape of coffee beans. You could find such rings, or bracelets, or even pendant necklaces. There are some pendant necklaces, for example, that have a pendant in the shape of a cup full of coffee. Or you could buy them a necklace with a real coffee bean in a small jar. This way they could carry their favorite drink whenever they go. And you could also add some funny note to the gift. And it is ready!

#4 Ice cubes in the shape of coffee beans

The next idea would appeal to people who like unusual and creative presents. If this person who you want to give the gift to loves taking their coffee cold, this would be quite a creative and smart present for them. You could give them their own ice cubes in the shape of coffee beans. And if they decide, they could even freeze some coffee in the cubes and make their coffee drink more original and colorful.

#5 A jewelry with the molecule of caffeine

The next idea is a piece of jewelry again, but since it is so special and unique it deserves a special place in our list. There are actually places where you could buy a piece of jewelry, more often a bracelet or a necklace, with pendants in the shape of different molecules.

There are such with the molecules of beer and some with the molecules of chocolate. Quite a creative present for the people who like coffee is such kind of jewelry with the molecule of caffeine. It is very sweet and pretty as a matter of fact. Any girl who loves coffee would be proud to wear it for sure.

#6 A cup sweater

The next gift idea for people who like coffee is a sweater for their cup. You have probably seen such ones. These are small woolen items which one puts on their cup while drinking hot coffee. These sweaters are not only cute, but they are also practical since the person who drinks their coffee with a sweater on the cup will protect their hands from the hot drink. At the same time this small sweater can feel one cozy and comfortable.

#7 A coffee night light

The next idea is a night light in the shape of a cup of coffee. One of the most popular coffee night lights is the one which actually represents a paper cup of coffee with coffee pouring down from it. And the coffee that is pouring down is actually the body of the lamp. It is very cute and I am sure some people who do not like coffee that much would be also thrilled to have one at home.

So, these were our ideas. Which one did you like the best?

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