Get Rid of The Dark Circles Using Only…

Get Rid of The Dark Circles Using Only…

Probably only babies do not suffer from dark circles. But when they get older, they will at one point or another. This is so sad, but true. Even if you get enough sleep there is still something going on and we have dark circles under our eyes. Even some of the celebrities have this problem, or better yet many of them. So we try to hide the circles. How to do it? What is the best way or makeup that will do the job? You will be surprised what the answer is.

Why do we have dark circles under the eyes?

There are a number of factors why we have dark circles. Some of them sound quite scary, but do not worry, this does not necessarily mean you suffer from all of them. The causes are:

  • Heredity – do not blame your parents, it is not their fault that they have thinner skin around the eyes. People who have a deep bone structure may also suffer from this “disease” because shadowing contributes to the dark color under the eyes.
  • Medications – if you are taking some medications that cause blood vessels to dilate, this can also affect the skin around the eyes.
  • Anemia – it is believed that iron deficiency can cause dark circles as well.
  • Other causes may be lack of sleep, age and too much coffee reception.

If you found your problem in one of the mentioned causes, you can relax and try to fight it from within. But if you cannot, do not worry here is one of the best and easy ways to hide dark circles with make up.

You will only need orangey-red lipstick. Yes, this is the magic “ingredient” in our recipe. Here is how to do it.

It may sound strange but the red color will actually neutralize the dark color of your skin and will balance it. Get an orange-red or a coral lipstick. Dip a blending brush in it and apply on the area covering your entire eye: under it and up over the lid. If you will feel more comfortable, you can start by applying small amounts of the lipstick to the areas around the eye and then apply more and more about it.

Before you blend the color (now you probably look like a thief wearing a red mask, or a Native American), apply the lipstick in the same way over some dark sport or pimples on your face, that is if you have any.

Now get a makeup sponge, apply some foundation on it and apply it on the red lipstick spots, blending very well. If you compare the end result with applying only foundation under your eyes, you will see the huge difference.

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