Funny April’s Fool Pranks to Try This Year
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Funny April’s Fool Pranks to Try This Year

Is there a person that does not like a good laugh? It has been scientifically proven that people who laugh regularly have less healthy problems than moody people. That is why people all over the world encourage laughing. And what better way to celebrate this funny activity than having some good laugh on April’s Fool Day?!

Today we decided to give you some April’s fool prank ideas to celebrate the day properly. Some of them you may have heard of, others you may have forgotten, and some may be new to you, but you can be sure that with such pranks you will definitely make your day.

#1 No-cleaning soap bar

The first of our prank ideas could be for some flatmate of yours, or for someone you live with. You can create a non-cleaning soap. This way when the person you are playing the prank to tries to wash their hands, they would not be able to do it.

The thing you need to do is to apply transparent nail polish all over the soap bar and to let it dry. When this person tries to wash their hands with the soap, they will be quite surprised that the soap would not “work”. It is a simple prank and this person would hardly get mad at you, so it is safe to try it. Just have in mind that you need to trow the soap bar after that.

#2 Food is watching you

The next prank could fit both a working environment and home environment. It could be played at someone’s colleagues and one’s flatmates pr family. It is called in such a way – food is watching you, because that is exactly what the food in the fridge will be doing when you are ready with the prank.

What you need to do for it is to get some sticky craft eyeballs. You can get them from any craft shop, or even in supermarkets. They are cheap and it would not take you too much time to prepare the prank.

What you need to do is to put a pair of eyes on the products in the fridge as if they are watching the person when they open the door of the fridge. You can put eyeballs on each one of the products in the fridge to make the scene startling. You can be sure that such kind of prank will make people laugh and not angry.

#3 A head in the fridge

Another prank idea that is suitable again for the fridge, or some cupboard a person will open, is to put a fake head in a jar with some liquid. The jar needs to be a big one and the head could be a kind of mask, but make sure it looks authentic.

You can also make the color of the water in the jar yellow, or greenish for a better startling effect. But still, you need to be careful who you play the prank to. They should not be faint-heart people because such prank can startle them way too much.

#4 The mouse is not working

The next idea is one of my favorite ones because it is not scary and it is still a funny kind of prank. Besides, few people would actually suspect at first that this is an April Fool’s Day prank. What you need to do is to make one’s mouse not work properly. That is why it is a great idea for an office prank.

You just need to stick some piece of paper on the back of this person’s mouse and you will immediately make it harder for the mouse to work properly. When this person starts using the mouse, they will notice that something is wrong with it and they will turn it to see what is happening. They will see the piece of paper which you have stuck on it.

To make the prank even funnier, you need to write something on the paper like “April’s fool”, or better yet, you could stick some creepy image, or even an image of a person who is laughing, and so on. You can take the prank further this way and it will surely become funnier.

#5 The snake prank

The next prank is suitable for a place with a lot of people, like some university hall, a library, a school, and so on. And you can be sure that a lot of people will not find it funny, but it is definitely a great prank. You basically need to make other people believe that there is a snake somewhere in the building.

What you will need is not a real snake, but an empty cage with a sign on it “do not touch the snake”. Leave the cage open and somewhere suitable for it and yet not too obvious. You can fool a lot of people on this day, you can be sure about it.

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