Fun Activities to Try in the Fall
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Fun Activities to Try in the Fall


We have all heard that happy people are the oneswho enjoy the small things in life and as much as we are repeatedly told this it seems that a lot of people still do not notice them. They like in their routine life. They are constantly in a hurry, or are constantly tired and just think that they do not have enough time for the small things in life.

But if these are the things that will actually make you happy and that will make your day, why would you want to neglect them? Today we have prepared for you some fun fall activities which could be considered as small ones, but they have the power to really make you fall in love with this season and to teach you that there is no need to go mount climbing if you want to change your life. Sometimes little things are the answer.

#1 Go for a walk in the park

One of the little things that can make a huge difference to your daily mood is a simple walk in the park. You can do this in any season, but fall is the only month when you can enjoy the beauty of the foliage all over the park. The leaves have almost fallen down, but their beauty remains on the ground.

What you can do to really enjoy your time in the park is to go leaf-picking. You can really remember your childhood days this way. This activity may also help you relax and forget about your problems by really enjoying the beauty of the nature.

#2 Rent a cabin in the mountains

October is often linked to Halloween so a lot of people have already started preparing for the holiday. What you can do to get in the scary mood is to rent a cabin in the mountain, or in the woods. If you watch horror movies, you will know that there are a lot of scary stories about remote cabins. And this way you can relieve in a way the scary movie. Or you can simply rent a cabin for the weekend with your friends and enjoy the coziness of it gathered by the fireplace.

#3 Try pumpkin carving

Another activity you can try if you are a fan of Halloween is pumpkin carving. You can have a contest with your friends about the best pumpkin. And you can later make some pumpkin pie, or some other kind of sweet pastry with the pulp of the pumpkin. Some people even eat baked pumpkin with some honey. There are a lot of recipes, so make sure you include some of them in your to-do cooking list.

#4 Have a spa weekend

There are a lot of people who feel depressed in the fall. This is often because of the changes in the weather and the fewer and fewer sunny days. So, if you also think that the fall weather does not have a really good reaction on your mind and body, then you should definitely help yourself relax.

And my best suggestion is a spa weekend. Having a massage and other kinds of treats that help you relax should be even an essential part of your monthly activities. People need those little treat in order to feel in a good condition to do their jobs. So, now it is a good time to start treating yourself.

#5 Visit some wine festival

Wine is the perfect season to enjoy a good glass of wine. There are a lot wineries all over the world that you can go and visit and try some wine testing. And there are also a lot of wine festivals you can take part of. There is one New York, for example, also in California, Budapest, Tuscany, etc. So, you can also grab the opportunity and go travelling.

#6 Have a movie weekend

If you feel too cold to get out during some of the fall weekends, then why do not you stay at home with your best friends, or your family and have a movie marathon? You will have the opportunity to watch all the movies you have wanted to, but you did not have the time to do it because of one reason or another, and you will also enjoy the company of your closest people.

Firstly, you can have a Halloween weekend movie marathon watching films like “Ghostbusters”, “Corpse Bride”, “Dracula”, “The Addams Family”, and so on. Or you could watch some old but gold classics, like “Brokeback Mountain”, “When Harry met Sally”, “Autumn in New York”, and “You’ve Got Mail”. Some of these movies can really make fall in love with fall, again.

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