Full Lips Makeup for New Year

Full Lips Makeup for New Year


What girl doesn’t want a perfect pout? There is nothing sexier than to die for lips! While some believe pillow-like lips can be achieved only by going under the knife, we know better. This step-by-step guide will show you how easy it is to accentuate your lips with a soft red shade, in six easy steps. Whatever your lip shapes, if you follow these tips you will have flawless lips every time and make your lip colour last for hours. Guaranteed!

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips to get the blood flowing and begin the plumping process. Trust us – applying lipstick over lips that are dry or chapped is a nightmare.

Step 2: Carefully outline your lips with a liner darker than your natural lip colour. You can slightly overdraw your lips, following the natural line of your cupid’s bow. Trace outside the borders of your bottom lip to create the perception of a bigger, fuller pout.

Step 3: Blend the darker liner into your lips by applying gentle strokes with your lip brush. Pairing these tricks will help get that mega-volume.

Step 4: Once you’ve lined the outside of your lips, fill them in to create a long-lasting base with your favourite soft red lipstick.

Step 5: Make sure to always blend the lipstick and lip liner using an angled lip brush to create an even, one-tone look.

Step 6: As a final step, apply your chosen lip gloss. For this tutorial, we used a gloss as close to the lipstick colour as possible but you can always play around with pink on red or whatever floats your boat. Now is the time to experiment and discover your favourite combination of colours! The sheerness will let more of the lip liner effect through, and the gloss’s ability to reflect light will make your lips look even bigger!


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