Fresh Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom
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Fresh Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom


One’s home is their fortress. Or so people say. One thing is sure, you need to make your place one that makes you feel good and relaxed. You may spend all of your days in the office but once you come back home you need to relax. Which means that you need to make this place welcoming and relaxing.

That is why decorating your place is very important. There is one specific room in the house people often forget to decorate – bathroom. It is a place where one does not spend that much time and that is why it is supposed not to be a priority.

However, bathrooms are one place you could be alone and where you could relax. You could even turn it into your own little spa. That is why it is best to make your bathroom a place you enjoy spending your time. Here are some bathroom decoration ideas which may inspire you to redecorate your own one.

#1 Add a plant or two

One of the things that you could do to lighten up your bathroom is to add a couple of plants. You may choose such ones that do not require a lot of sunlight. And you can put them on places that are not too close to the bathtub and the shower. Surely a plant can easily bring life into a place and that is why this is the easiest way to start decorating your bathroom.

#2 Bring color

The next way you could try if you want to make your bathroom fresher and more pleasant place to be is to add some color in it. One way of doing so is to add some colorful decorating items for the bathroom.

If the bathroom is in white, you could add some black items to make contrast between the colors. You could add black towels. Black boxes and black stands. There could be some black bathroom floor carpets and black shampoo tubes.

You can, of course, think of other color combinations for your bathroom given the color of it. The important thing is that you do not need to change the tiles in your bathroom to make it more fashionable and stylish. The additional objects added in it can do this job.

#3 Add some lights

One of the most common advices about making a room brighter and more fashionable is to make it lighter. And since you cannot add more windows to your bathroom, you can add some lights.

You could install some lights on the sides of the mirror. You could also add some standard lamp next to some of the bathroom stands or next to the plant. You could definitely focus on the lamps and lights in the bathroom to freshen it up.

#4 Get a larger mirror

Mirrors are some girls’ best friends. A bathroom could be a girl’s escape and spa room. And you can make it much more welcoming if you add some really big mirror. This way you can put your makeup there, you could admire your beauty dressed in some new outfit, or simply use it as a decoration item for the bathroom to make it look larger.

One simple trick of making a room appear larger is putting mirrors here and there. It is a visual illusion and it works a great job. If you want to help the mirror fit the fashionable side of the decoration, you can choose a round mirror. It is one of the interior design trends.

#5 Try some vintage style

Another of the trends which you could try to make your bathroom more stylish and a more interesting place to spend your relaxing time is to make it in a vintage style. You could add a bucket where you could put some towels in it, or other bathroom items.

You could also put a ladder next to the mirror, or the bathtub. You could hang some towels there, your clothes, or use it only to add some vintage sense to the whole bathroom.

There could be other items in a vintage style, like a wooden chair, mirror with a vintage frame and even some old black-and-white pictures on the walls. It is an easy and cheap way to make your bathroom more interesting.

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