Fresh Manicure Ideas for Easter Day
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Fresh Manicure Ideas for Easter Day

Every holiday is not only an opportunity to have some time off work, to relax, and visit your family. They are also а great opportunity to treat yourself with some beauty treatment.

And that is why today we have decided to share with you some cool manicure ideas inspired by Easter day. They include typical symbols of the holiday, or just fresh spring colors and decorations. So, check these ideas out!

#1 Bunny manicure

One of the first things people think of when it comes to Easter is the Easter Rabbit. Thus, the first of the ideas we are going to share with you is inspired by it. There are a couple of ways you could draw a bunny rabbit, but we have decided to show you the easiest one.

First, you need to decide what color your bunny should be in. Basically, you need to choose a base color that has a contrast with the color of the bunny. We have chosen light blue as a base and dark brown as a color of the bunny.

Once you have applied the base and it has all dried out, you can move on to drawing the bunny. You will need a thin brush as well.

Step 1:

Draw a semi-ellipse on the bottom of your nail. This will be the body of the bunny.

Step 2:

Then draw a circle on top of the semi-ellipse for the head of the bunny. You also need to make sure you fill in the body and the head of the bunny with the same brown color. Once it has dried out, move on to the next step.

Step 3:

You need to draw the ears of the bunny on top of the head. Make them long and not very thick. You can make them sharp at the top as typical bunny ears.

Step 4:

Lastly, you need to draw the tail of the bunny. Make a white circle at the bottom part of the body of the bunny.

And this is it. The bunny is ready.

#2 A chick in an eggshell

The next idea is also very symbolic for Easter. And this is the eggs and the chicks. To make it more interesting, we have combined the two things in one nail decoration idea – a chick in an eggshell.

Step 1:

First you need to apply yellow nail polish as a base color. Then, once it has dried out, you can move on to drawing the shell in white. You will also need a thin brush.

Step 2:

Start from a point somewhere in the middle part of the nail and draw a jagged line to separate the two relatively equal parts of the nail. The first one will be for the chick and the second for the shell. Then you need to fill in the bottom half of the nail with white nail polish.

Step 3:

Once this is ready you need to draw the eyes and the nose of the chick. Draw the eyes with black nail polish creating two dots for it in the yellow part of the nail. And under them draw a single red dot, or a small inverted triangular, for the nose of the chick. Let it dry.

And voila, the chick in the shell is ready.

#3 Dots, dots, dots…

If you are a fan of dots in general, then this manicure idea will definitely appeal to you because it it all about dots. You can also make it very colorful and use a few different colors. Here is what you can do!

We have chosen different base colors for each fingernail. For the thumb – purple. For the index finger – peach. For the middle finger – yellow. For the ring finger – light blue, and for the pinky – light pink.

Once this nail polish is all dry, you can move on to drawing the dots. You can apply green nail polish dots on the purple polished nail. Then some green dots on the peach index nail. Purple – on the middle finger nail. Peach on the blue polished index finger nail. And blue dots for the pinky.

As for the order and number of the dots on the nails, you can draw them in lines – the first line could consist of 3 dots, the second of three ones, the third again of two dots, and the forth of 3. But, of course, you can draw them the way you want.

Different fresh colors and dots in colors are perfect for spring time, especially for Easter Day.

So, these were our Easter manicure ideas. Hope you like them and try some of them for the holiday!

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