Foods That Will Whiten Your Teeth

Foods That Will Whiten Your Teeth

Having white teeth is everybody’s goal. But whitening them and stuff like that is not really healthy, nor cheap. If your smile has changed from very white to a little yellowish probably you are having way too much coffee and red wine. Also, smoking doesn’t help for a whiter smile. One thing you could do to make your teeth whiter is avoiding those things.

A great thing though is the fact that there are some foods, that can and will actually make your teeth whiter. What about that? Know that much of an effort (actually you will be eating, which is not so bad itself) and then getting something amazing in return – a white smile! So here is what can help you.


If you are like men – someone who loves strawberries you will enjoy the news – they are one of the magic foods that will help you get the best smile ever. They contain malic acid – which is actually what whitens the teeth. Eating them will be helpful a lot. But you can also do something else – brush them with berries and backing soda. Just smash a few, add the soda and brush your teeth with the mixture. You will soon notice some difference.


All nut lovers – did you hear that? Everyone who loves munching nuts or just having the healthy habit of eating them has been doing good for their smile. Nuts stimulate the salcia, which removes any bacteria and so you don’t get stains. It works a little bit less for old ones, but still can be helpful.


Well, not the best thing you have heard probably, but still it is a tooth medicine. It is onions that prevent plaque from forming in your mouth. The downside of the onion thing is that firstly your breath will smell awful and also you have to eat them raw. But for the sake of a white smile, you might have to make some sacrifice.


Eat an apple a day and keep the stains away! And not only them, actually you will also keep the dentist away. Apples kill bacteria in the mouth, which prevents from many more things, rather than just yellow teeth. So in the mornings why not put an apple in your bag. This will help your smile and will work for a leaner body.


Mushrooms are a delicious food if you know how to prepare it well and what to combine. They include lentinan, which removes the chances of bacteria growing in your mouth that causes decay and discoloration. So if you hate them – it is time to change the way you think!

Citrus fruits

First of all they are delicious. Second of all they contain good for the body sugars and are healthy and good for you. The vitamins in the citrus fruits are something we must want in our system, right? Also, they contain acids, that are effective teeth whitener. As a whole this means that they naturally rinse and polish your smile.

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