Flower Hacks and Ideas to Try This Spring
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Flower Hacks and Ideas to Try This Spring


What is the first thing that it comes to your mind when it comes to spring? Many people are likely to say flowers. This is because it is the season when flowers bloom again and the air fills in their nice scent. At this time of the year many people decide to buy more fresh flowers and keep them in vases at home to make their place more inviting and fresh.

If you are also one of these people who loves flowers and love having some fresh bunches at home, then the hacks and ideas we have prepared today would definitely appeal to you. Check these fresh flower ideas for your home!

#1 Cut the stems correctly

When people buy fresh bunches of flowers, they often know that they need to cut the stems a little so the flowers stay fresh longer. However, what they often do not know is the way they need to cut the stems. Cut the stem an inch from the bottom in a 45-degree angle. In a couple of days cut it again in the same way.

This will immediately make your flowers look fresher because they will be more hydrated. Usually this hack is for the flowers, like roses and sunflowers, which have big and thick stems. There is no need to cut the stem of the thin-stem flowers this way.

#2 Arrange short flowers in teacups instead of vases

Women who have received many flowers know that sometimes it is impossible to keep every flower alive. Sometimes we accidentally break the stem of some flowers thus they become quite short. And flowers with such length cannot stay in vases. That is why women often throw them away.

There is a way, though, to keep these flowers without throwing them away just because they are broken. You can use a teacup instead of the deep vases to keep the short flowers in. This way you will not only give them a second chance, but you will also have some new and interesting home decoration item at home. Do not get surprised if you receive complements on this idea.

#3 Open closed buds fast

There are some bouquets of flowers that have completely opened buds and some buds which are still fully closed. If you want these closed buds to open faster, then here is what you can do.

Fill the vase that you are going to put the flowers in with warm water. Put the flowers in it for a minute. Then empty the vase and pour cold water in it. Put the flowers again in the vase. Let them stay there for 20 minutes at least. And then you will see the results.

#4 Keep your flowers fresh longer

The next hack is for those of you who would like their flowers to stay fresh and flawless longer than usual. What you need to do is to add a mixture of a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of white sugar into the vase full of water before you put the flowers in it. Make sure the added mixture has dissolved into the water before you add the bunch of flowers.

This will help delay wilting and as a result the flowers will be fresh for more time than usual. Some people add an aspirin tablet into the water instead of the vodka mixture. It has the same effect.

#5 Water your orchid correctly

I am personally in love with orchids and I like having them at my house. However, it is quite difficult to find the perfect way to water orchids. If one waters them less, they may die. If one overwaters them, then they may die again. So, how to find the perfect solution for watering orchids?

Here is a simple trick you may try. You will only need an ice cube to water your orchid. That is right! What you need to do is to put an ice cube in the orchid pot once a week.

The reason why you need to use ice cubes instead of liquid water is that when the water melts, it will happen slowly and this way the orchid will not drown. This amount of water will be enough for it and you will not wonder whether you have poured too much water over it or not.

If the orchid you have is bigger, then you need to put two ice cubes a week. And this is the way you will become the Master of Orchids.

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