Floral Outfit Ideas for the Fall
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Floral Outfit Ideas for the Fall


There are a lot of women who think that floral prints are only suitable for spring and summer since these are the two seasons when flowers are blooming and nature is very colorful. However, this does not mean that flower prints should be neglected in the other two seasons, especially if you like them.

Today we have prepared for you some outfit ideas which are perfect for the fall. And guess what, they are all inspired by flowers! And let’s hope that they will convince you that flowers could be a part of your wardrobe all year round and not only in the spring.

#1 Black sweater with floral print

The first one of our suggestions is perfect for those of you who do not want to be too colorful in the fall. Instead of wearing all the colors of the rainbow, you may wear a blouse, or a sweater in black and floral prints. This way you will be able to get the best of both worlds – the floral one which is usually associated with very bright colors and black which is usually worn in the cold months of the years.

This way you may feel more comfortable wearing flowers in the fall. You can match it with a pair of blue jeans, or if the sweater is longer then you can wear it with a black pair of leggings. Or you can simple put on a casual dress with floral print and black background and this way you will not have to worry about the bottom part of your outfit.

#2 Business chic

The next suggestion is for those of you who are dedicated on their business. If you are not afraid to wear something colorful and floral to work, then you may try with this outfit. Since it is for the office, then it is a subtle one and not that bright or inappropriate. Black pair of pants are an essential part of the outfit, of course. They will make you look elegant and official.

As for the flower print, you have two options. The first one is to wear a white shirt with floral print and a black blazer. And the other option is to wear a white shirt with a floral print blazer. The flowers will add some more casualness to your outfit and at the same time you will still look business-oriented.

#3 Rock & roll

The next outfit could appeal to those of you who like rock and roll, but are not obsessed with it and still are not afraid to add some floral print to their outfit. And since we are talking about rock & roll, then you have probably guessed that the main colors will be dark ones, including this piece of the outfit with the floral print. It is a black skirt with white daisies about the level of your knees, or a little bit below it.

We have matched it with a black leather jacket and a checked blue shirt. Of course, you can choose another shirt to your taste. As for the shoes, we cannot miss to add a black pair of leather boots. They are a classic choice when it comes to rock and roll styling. The rest of the accessories could be typical rock and roll ones. If you like this style, then you probably have a lot of jewelries which will be a match to the outfit.

#4 Roses are pink, my blazer is blue

The next outfit will probably appeal to those of you who like pink and dark blue especially if they are both a part of an outfit. This color matching is perfect for a season like fall, because the dark blue color makes the pink one not that bright and colorful, but at the same time does not make the outfit too bleak and sombre.

So, we have matched a knee-length pencil skirt with big pink roses on a dark blue background. We have matched it with a blazer with the same or similar dark blue color. And do not forget to add a white shirt under it.

This outfit is suitable for the office if you do not have to wear a uniform. You can also wear it to brunches and other daily events. Do not forget to match it with a pair of flats and a cute clutch bag to your choice, or you could stick to pink and this way to match your shoes and bag with the color of the roses.

You can also try other combinations with floral prints. The important thing is to have fun with it.

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