Flawless Contouring in 4 Simple Steps

Flawless Contouring in 4 Simple Steps


You don’t need to go to a special makeup artist to get chiselled to perfection. We all know the basics on how to contour our face by now. Why? We had to learn because it is probably the most in-style technique these days that allows you to enhance your most beautiful features and minimize the ones you want to hide in a few simple steps. Frankly it can be hard to decide what to slap on where and many of us still don’t know how to do it properly. Now you can learn how to contour like a pro with this step-by-step tutorial and contour guide for your face shape. Show off an enhancement that your friends can’t quite put their finger on. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Step 1: Apply foundation to chin, forehead, bridge of your nose and cheeks. Choose a creamy foundation that matches your skin tone. This should be able to ensure complete, luminous coverage.

Step 2: Start with the light foundation and apply it to those areas which catch light. The ideal places to highlight are your cheekbones, along your temples, the bridge of your nose between the eyes, underneath the arch of the brow, and right above your Cupid’s bow. It doesn’t need to be perfect, we’re going to mess it all up later. Continue with the contour and apply it below your cheekbones, along the edges of your nose and just a little bit on your chin. If you feel you have a larger forehead you can apply your contour shade to the temples of the head.

Step 3: Blend everything with a sponge or a good blending brush. Now you have highlighted and contoured your face, you need to set the products so they don’t move around. Use a translucent powder and lightly apply this all over the face.


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