Find out Which Mythological Creature Your Zodiac Sign Corresponds to
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Find out Which Mythological Creature Your Zodiac Sign Corresponds to


There are a lot of people interested in astrology and zodiac signs because they are trying to find answers to personal questions mainly about their personality and what makes them the people they are. In fact, the answer to this question is much more complex than we can imagine, but still it is a good thing to start from somewhere.

If you are interested in astrology and personality quizzes, then you will probably like what we have prepared for you today – the mythological creature that corresponds to your zodiac sign, thus to your personality. Check it out and see if you agree with it.

Aries – Pegasus

The first zodiac sign in the list, Aries, is a very energetic and dynamic one, just like a particular mythological creature – Pegasus, a horse with wings. Aries people love traveling and often get restless if they are stuck in one place. They are very emotional and despite their sometimes hard exterior, they are extremely kind and gentle, just like Pegasus.

Taurus – Dragon

It will probably come as no surprise to some of you that Taurus people’s personality corresponds to the one of a dragon. They have really fiery personality, even if their astrological sign is not a fiery one. They can burst into “flames” and can start yelling at people if there is something they are not happy about. That is why they are feared a little bit, but people respect them as well. They are also very loyal and will never betray your trust.

Gemini – Dwarf

Dwarfs are not the best workaholics in the world. They are a bit of tricksters and like to make someone else do their job. Gemini people could often be like that. They also tend to envy people and are not genuine when they share their opinion. They, however, are very good with domestic matters, chores, and bringing up kids.

Cancer – Mermaid

Cancer is a water sign and maybe this is the reason Cancer people love everything about water. They love spending time at the beach, especially swimming in the water. They are kind-hearted, very beautiful and intelligent, and that is why the mythological creature that corresponds to them is a mermaid.

Leo – Griffin

Leo people are known to be leaders and ones with very strong personalities. They are very sociable and people like spending time with them even if they are often out-shadowed by Leos. Griffins are mythological birds that do not stay on one place, just like Leos. They are kind but when someone hurts them, or their families they are ready to attack.

Virgo – Fairy

Virgo people are known to be very romantic and sentimental. They could be often sweet and gentle to people no matter if they know they for a long time, or have just met them. They want to be liked by all people. However, they could be real tricksters if someone hurts them and they can easily take revenge on them, just like some fairies.

Libra – Siren

Libra people are known to be beautiful and they are often quite coquette, just like their mythological counterpart sirens. Their beauty, however, can be often misleading since they can trick someone into trusting them and then to take advantage of that. People like them but at the same time they are feared by their strong personality and would hardly want to irritate them or to make them their enemies.

Scorpio – Kraken

You are probably aware of this mythical creature that emerges from the bottom of the sea to capture a lost ship in its tentacles. Scorpio people are just like Kraken. They are very mysterious and often like to spend time on their own. They are also very strong, not only physically but also mentally. They always get what they want.

Sagittarius – Centaur

Just like Centaurs, Sagittarius people are very wise. It could be even said that they are too mature for their age. They know how to react in every situation and they are very independent even if they love their families a lot. They arealways in search of new experiences and emotions. They are very loyal and extremely moral and fair.

Capricorn – Sphinx

Capricorn people may come across as being arrogant sometimes because they are not very talkative and like to steer clear of noisy social events especially places with a lot of unknown people. Just like Sphinx, they are very smart and logical. They do not have time for fun and are often mysterious. They do not have a large circle of friends, only a few ones who are at the same intellectual level as theirs.

Aquarius – Phoenix

Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Aquarius people can survive any difficulty life offers them and they will get out of it with good grace and being stronger and more powerful than ever. Aquarius people are also very warm and affectionate. They will do anything for the people they love risking their own well-being. They are very powerful even if a lot of people often underestimate them.

Pisces – Unicorn

If there is one mythical creature that corresponds to Pisces, then this is Unicorn. Just like Pisces, unicorns bring love and joy everywhere around them. They are positive and kind-hearted and they like to see the good side of every situation. They could never hurt someone intentionally and if this accidentally happens, they would feel so guilty that this will be their punishment.

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