Find out What Your Favorite Underwear Color Says about You
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Find out What Your Favorite Underwear Color Says about You

Is there a woman that does not like buying underwear? Even though underwear is hidden from the eyes of the people around you (or at least it should be), this does not mean that women does not deserve to wear the best lingerie for them. And this also includes the single ladies. Even if you do not expect anyone to see your sexy lingerie it does not mean that you do not have to wear it. And since every woman has lingerie color preferences we have decided to find out what each lingerie color says about the person wearing them. Check out your favorite underwear color and how it matches your personality.


Pink is known to be a gentle and innocent color. And that is exactly what it reveals about the person wearing such a color. You are the modern romantic woman type. You believe in goodness and kindness. And you practically can defend a lot of people, even the ones who have done bad things to you. One of the things you should be careful about is being too naïve and sometimes letting people lie to you or take advantage of you. The person who is going to be your partner will definitely be a lucky man with a nice woman like you.


White color is a symbol of pureness and angelic personality, and that exactly what you are. You have a kind heart and you do not mind helping the others. You sometimes think it is you mission in life to save people. You are also very open person and you are not afraid to speak your mind even when you know that this may not be of your favor. You are also very tidy. You keep your room, your office desk, even your desktop clean. Some of you can even be obsessed with cleaning, like our “Friend(s)” Monica, so be careful not to annoy your friends with your perfectionism.


Here is our femme fatal. These women are strong and powerful in all aspects of their lives. They are ambitious and determined. They are not afraid to face any obstacles because they know where they are going and what they want to achieve in their lives. These ladies are also very attractive and like themselves the way they are. They have self-esteem and are not afraid to show their curves. And another thing which is typical for them is that men are quite attracted to them. These ladies certainly do not feel the lack of men attention in their lives.


We can describe these women with only one word – passionate. When it comes to lingerie, red is the most sexual color and thus women who like wearing it are definitely quite sexual and passionate people. They are also high-tempered. These women can love strongly, but also hate the same way. Sometimes it is better not to be in front of them when they are angry because there is a whole tornado going on. Even though these women are very beautiful, they mostly attract men not with their looks, but with their passionate personality.


As the nude color is close to the earth color brown, the same way women wearing nude underwear are earth people. They do not like bragging about their achievements even if it is about something big. These women are also very nice and lovable. They are want to have a family and that is why they do not want any affairs in their lives. If they give their heart to somebody, then it means it is final and they will not let anyone else in their heart.

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