Find out What Kind of Plants You Need to Have at Home to Keep Bugs away

Find out What Kind of Plants You Need to Have at Home to Keep Bugs away


Having a few plants at home brings freshness and life to the place. There are a lot of people who like having fresh flowers at home all the time also because of the pleasant smell.

Having plants is better than fresh flowers because they can live longer and clean the air in the room. But this is not the only thing they can do. In fact, many people do not know that some plants have special “superpowers” – they can keep some bugs away.

Today we have prepared for you a list of plants which can keep different types of bugs away from your home. If some of these bugs bother you, then you would know which plant to have at home. Here they are!

#1 Lavender

First in our list is a very special plant which is not only pretty but also has a great smell. This is lavender. Having such a plant at home can easily lift your mood up because of its beauty and pleasant smell. Another great reason to have it at home is to keep a big number of bugs away.

The smell that lavenders have may appeal to people, but not to a number of bugs. If you have some infestation of fleas, moths, flies, or mosquitos at home, or if you only want not to deal with these bugs anymore at home, then you definitely need to have such kind of plant at home. It will be very beneficial.

#2 Basil

The next plant in our list is one which some people already have at home because they use it in their cooking, or even in some cocktails – basil. The smell basil plants have may not be as good and strong as the one lavenders have, but it is surely can help in chasing away some very annoying and unpleasant bugs, like mosquitos and houseflies.

These two types of bugs are the two most spread ones, especially in the summer. Many people think of different ways to fight them. And now you know a useful and easy way to do that – just keep a plant of basil nearby and you will notice that the number of these insects has dropped dramatically.

#3 Marigold

The next flower is not that popular among people who are not obsessed with flowers and gardening, but it is still a very cute and pleasant one. This is marigold. It has green leaves and not big orange blossoms. It is a cute type of plant and it also useful since it has the power to keep two types of bugs away – mosquitos and aphids.

Mosquitos are very annoying in the summer and mainly to people, while aphids may easily feast on some other plants leafs. If you have such unpleasant bugs at home, then you could have a marigold plant to keep them away.

#4 Catnip

The next type of plant you could get and take care of at home is catnip. It is an interesting kind of plant, which not all people have heard of, or at least not seen, or grown at home. It is a green plant which leafs are similar to those of the mint in some way, and it also has some lilac blossoms.

When it comes to the insects it chases away, they are mainly mosquitos. But still mosquitos can be quite annoying, they can sting and leave huge pimples which people to scratch. That is why it is best to have some kind of natural pest repellent and to chase these annoying mosquitos away.

#5 Peppermint

And since I mentioned that the leaves of the catnip are similar to those of the peppermint, next in our list is exactly this plant – peppermint. There are a lot of people who already have such plants at home be

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