Find out What His Favorite Free Time Activities Reveal About Him
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Find out What His Favorite Free Time Activities Reveal About Him

One of the first questions one would ask a person when they meet and start having a leisure conversation is about the other person’s interests and hobbies. Many people underestimate the power of this question and think that it is just a conversation starter or a kind question to ask, but in fact it can show you a lot about the other person’s character and personality.

That is why today we decided to show you a list of the most common hobbies men have and this way you will be revealed a glimpse of the guy’s personality before you have even started dating him. So, check it out!

#1 Playing Sports

One of the most common hobby men have is playing sports. The positive thing about having such kind of hobby is that sports teach people how to be motivated, determined, and disciplined.

If a guy is an active sportsman, he is very likely to be capable of taking care of his own. Another plus to this kind of hobby is that the guy is very likely to have a muscular figure which is very attractive to women.

One of the cons is that guys who play sports devote their time to it and this way they may turn an offer from their girlfriend down. Guys who like sports are also quite confident. It is less likely to see a sports guy without confidence. These guys are often too conceited as well.

Sometimes if the guy is too obsessed with sports, he may not be interested in other free time activities especially not in intellectual activities, like reading books.

But of course, this does not mean that all the men who actively play sports are the same, but you still need to have it in mind.

#2 Watching Sports

The next hobby in the list is more about watching sports than playing them. Men in general like sports, but a huge part of them only likes watching them and not playing. So, what would this reveal about the guy’s personality?

If he likes watching sports, especially team sports with friends, then he is quite a communicative guy, he does not get easily embarrassed and likes spending time with his guy friends. Sometimes this type of men could be womanizers and show-offs. They do not have the discipline that sports teach people when they play them. They prefer to watch from a distance and to seem smart. And sometimes this is how they are in real life and the rest of their relationships. They could wait for the woman they are dating to make the first move because they are either worried, or too lazy to take the initiative. So, they could often prefer to be the ones picked up by women and not the other way round.

#3 Reading books

Men who like reading books are smart and this is surely no secret. They could often be secretive and mysterious. They would not want to reveal too much about themselves, especially when it comes to people they do not know well. They like spending time on their own, but at the same time they are often not lonely.

They like being alone when they are relaxing, but at the same time they have a number of friends they like spending time with. They could often be both silent and talkative, it depends on the people they are with and the subjects they are discussing.

#4 Going out with friends

Probably every person likes spending time with their friends. However, there are some men who spend time with their friends way too much. It is like they are glued to each other. Such close relationship a man has with their friends could often interfere with their love relationships.

Their friends also are the ones who the guy asks for advice and their opinion is very important for him. This also means that when this guy finds a girlfriend, he will not be ready to spend his time with her only, he will not be ready to give up the huge amount of time he spends with his friends at a bar or something similar.

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