Find out How Hand Massage Can Relief Pain and Make You Healthier

Find out How Hand Massage Can Relief Pain and Make You Healthier

More and more people nowadays avoid taking medicine. Instead they decide to try a therapy which has become quite popular in the last years. This therapy is called Reflexology. It is basically a hand or foot massage accentuation on certain parts of them considering the health problem. Once you learn which points of your hands to massage and how you will be able to cure yourself and to lead a healthier and more relaxed life.

Why do you need to massage your palms?

If you look at the picture, you will see that each part of your palms corresponds to some part of your body. This is so, because the nerves are linked and when you massage some part of your palms you also massage in a way the corresponding nerves of another body part. To understand it better, here is an example: the nerves of the tips of your fingers correspond to your head and brain nerves. So, when you massage them for some time, you will relief any headaches. This way you can be your own doctor.

Which are the nerve areas on your palms?

First things first, you need to find which parts of you palms to massage if you want to relief some pain you have. In other words, here are the areas of your palms and their corresponding body parts.

Head/brain – as we have already mentioned above, the fingertips correspond to the head and brain nerves. You can massage all your fingertips in circular motions or by pressing them hard. If you do this for some time, at one point you will notice how your pain is being relieved.

Eyes – if you have problems with your eyes because of poor eyesight, or because working long hours in front of the computer, you can tackle with this by your index and middle finger, especially the two parts below the finger tips. They are the ones which correspond to eye nerves.

Ears – You can easily find the parts of your palms which correspond to the ears, because they are the same as the eyes’ ones, but only not on the index and middle fingers, but on the ring finger and pinky. Again you need to massage only the two parts which are below the fingertips.

Arm/shoulder – if you have any pain in your arms or shoulders, you need to massage this part of your palm which is right under your pinky finger. Here you need to be careful, because even if this part is not too short (it reaches the middle part of your palm) it is quite thin. And you should also know that the outer part of it corresponds to the arms and the inner one – to the shoulders.

Liver – If you have any health problems with your liver, you can massage this part of your hand which begins from the middle of the palm and finishes in the outer part of your palm, right below the part which corresponds to the arms and shoulders.

Kidneys – Here is another part of your palm you can easily find, because it is right in the middle of it. If you massage it regularly you will boost the health of your kidneys. As you can see on the picture, this part has a shape which looks like a kidney, and it is painted in yellow.

Stomach – if you have stomachache, you can relief the pain by massaging this part of your palm which begins from the center of the palm and finishes with the Thenar (this is this part of your palm which is at the base of the thumb).


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