Fashion Tricks that Will Make You Look Slimmer
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Fashion Tricks that Will Make You Look Slimmer


If there is one thing that a woman wants with all her heart, then this would be to look and be slim. Women are famous for always complaining about looking fat and often go on diets even if there is no need to do it. The truth is that as much as we may want it, there is no magical trick that will help a person lose weight.

However, there are “magical” fashion tricks that can help one appear slimmer than they are. So, at least fashion can help us in this situation. Today we have prepared for you a few fashion tips that will help you look slimmer. Check them out!

#1 Wear one color only

One of the first things that will help you look slimmer is to dress in one color only. For example, you could dress from head to toe in black one day and the next to dress in green from head to toe. This way you will create the visual illusion that you are slimmer and taller than you actually are. And not only this, but you will also look very chic and elegant, because you may not know that people dressing from head to toe in one color only appear quite elegant and sophisticated.

#2 Vertical lines

Another trick you may try if you want to look slimmer is to wear clothes with vertical lines. As you have probably heard, clothes with horizontal lines make a person appear wider and bigger. The same way vertical lines work – they make one look taller and slimmer. That is why it is better to avoid clothes with horizontal lines and to wear such with vertical ones. They will be flattering to your body, especially if you wear such pants.

#3 High-waist pants

One important item you should have in your wardrobe is a pair of high-waist pants. If you are not a huge fan of pants, then you could wear high-waist jeans, or high-waist skirts. Having at least one item with high-waist will do miracles to your overall wardrobe and outfits. There are people who avoid wearing high-waist bottoms because they feel this kind of clothing adds kilos to their waistline. In fact, it is the other way round – it makes one “lose weight”.

#4 Nude shoes

The next important item you should not miss to include in your wardrobe is a pair of nude shoes, especially high heels. Nude colors are very flattering and feminine. And the reason every woman should have such pair of shoes is that nude colors elongate one’s legs unlike black shoes, for example, which make it look shorter. That is why you need to make nude shoes your best friend.

#5 V-shape neck

If you are wondering what kinds of tops you should buy then, apart from ones with vertical lines, you should also consider having ones with V-shape necklines. One of the reasons this kind of neckline is very flattering a woman’s figure is because it elongates her neck. And we all know how beautiful long necks are.

Another reason this type of neckline should be prefer by women, especially women who want to look slimmer, is because it draws the attention away from a woman’s lower half of her body and draws the attention to her face.

#6 Do not wear baggy clothes

Many women think that if they want to look slimmer they need to wear baggy clothes, like the ones which will not show one’s curves, but will hide them. This, however, is a myth. In fact, a lot of women who think so only fool themselves. Wearing clothes that do not fit one’s body, but are in fact baggy and too loose, make one appear bigger than they are and definitely not slimmer.

If you do not want to make such a mistake, it is best to wear clothes that are your size and not a bigger, or smaller ones because either of them will make you look fatter than you are and I am sure women do not want this. It is not necessary to choose fitted clothes, but ones which are simply your size. And you are done!

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