Fashion Tricks that will Help You Look Taller


There are a lot of women who wish they were taller even if they are not short in general. It is best to live in peace with your body especially with the thing you would like to change about it but cannot. Height is one of these things that cannot be changed. However, if you still want to look taller, there is a way to do it. And all with the help of fashion.

Today we are not going to talk about high heels which are the most obvious choice when wanting to look taller. Today we will show you some ideas, or better yet outfits that will make you look taller without having to wear high heels. Cool, right.

#1 High-waist pants

Lately pants with high waist have been very popular and they really should because by wearing them a woman could look not only more elegant and slimmer, but also taller. This is because of the optical illusion these kind of pants create.

By wearing them a woman would definitely look taller, especially if she chooses such pants in black. So, do not hesitate to add a couple of high-waist pants in your wardrobe this season.

#2 Bare ankles

The next fashion trick that will make you look taller is called “bare ankles”. This is when you choose a pair of pants or jeans which are no longer than your ankles. In other words, your ankles should be left uncovered by the pants.

At the same time you need to match them with a pair of shoes that are up to your ankles high. It is important to leave this space of your legs open.

This way you will create the optical illusion that you are taller than you actually are. And at the same time you will look attractive as well. This is a cool, easy, and quite effective trick to appear taller.

#3 Accentuate your waistline

As you have probably noticed, if you want to make yourself appear taller, then your waistline would be in the center of the events. It is essential to accentuate your waistline if you want your legs to appear longer.

You can do this by wearing a belt with your jeans and pants. Or you could also tuck your shirt in your pants. This way you will show where your waistline is and you will draw attention to it.

#4 Long outerwear

The next quite easy way to make yourself look taller is by wearing long outerwear. You can choose whatever you want, including coats, cardigans, trenches, or simply jackets. By wearing long outerwear you create the illusion that you yourself are also taller.

If you wear short ones, you will look shorter. That is why it is very important to choose the right length which need to be up to your knees, or longer. It is also important to wear this jacket, coat, or etc. unbuttoned. This will also create a sort of a layering effect, which will help one look taller.

#5 V-shape neckline

Necklines also play an important part in making one look slimmer and taller. This way clothes with V-shape necklines will add some more inches to your height. This is because, as you can probably guess already, such necklines elongate the front part of one’s body. And this is actually the best choice for neckline if you want to look taller.

#6 Vertical stripes

Surprise, surprise, vertical stripes can make a person look taller. This may be obvious to notice, but there are not that many women who will think of it immediately. Vertical stripes can make one look taller especially if you choose to wear such for the bottom part of your outfit.

They will create a visual illusion that the person wearing them is taller. This way horizontal lines can make one appear shorter than they are, so be careful when you choose stripes.

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