Fashion Outfit Ideas for the Summer: White from Head to Toe
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Fashion Outfit Ideas for the Summer: White from Head to Toe


Summer weather is perfect for wearing light and bright color clothes. This is the season when people can experiment with their style and try something new for a change. But still light colors are preferred by most people because they do not attract sunlight as much as dark colors.

Interestingly enough, people do not wear as much white as in the past. There are, of course, some outfits that include white, but this is often not the central piece of the outfit. Or the white just complements some other part of the clothing.

To show you that white should not be forgotten and that it is one of the colors which should always be a part of one’s wardrobe. Today we have prepared some fashion outfit suggestions for you to try this summer. And they all consist of white from head to toe.

#1 Casual white

The first suggestion in our list is a rather casual one but you could wear it at the office as well if there is no strict dress code. The things you will need are a white tank top and a white skirt with a length up to your knee. You could choose a flared skirt with high waist and some tank top that is not too long.

Then you can match them with a pair of sandals and since we are going to stick to the color white, then the sandals need to be in such one as well. Platform sandals could match the outfit perfectly.

As for the accessories, you could try with some golden necklace or golden earrings. Or if you want to stick to the casual outfit, then you could forget about the jewelries and wear a watch only. It could be also a golden one, but it is not necessary. Other colors are welcomed as well.

#2 Office chic

The next head-to-toe-white outfit is perfect for the office because it is a sophisticated one and at the same time it is comfortable and chic. Since it is about the office, then a pair of long loose pants with high waist.

It should, of course, be in white and make sure the pants are a bit long for you. This way you could wear them with high heels, and at the same time feel comfortable and chic.

You can match the pants with a chiffon shirt. They are perfect for the office. You can tuck the shirt in the pants and then wear the outfit with a white coat. When it comes to the shoes, you definitely should stick to some high heels, or platform sandals if you can. They will make you look taller and slimmer and on top of that even more elegant.

And if you are wondering which color to choose for the shoes and the accessories, then you could try with some different from the white color of your outfit. You could wear some black necklace and earrings, or a black watch.

Or you could try with silver or golden accessories. They will be a perfect match to the outfit and at the same time their color will not be a distraction from the white color of the outfit, but will complement it only.

#3 Short pants

The next outfit idea is for those of you who like showing their long and beautiful legs and are not afraid to wear short pants. In fact, short pants are not only a casual type of clothing as some people may think.

They could be also worn at the office depending on the type of the pants and the company policy about dress code. But even if you do not wear this outfit at the office, you could wear it on a day out with friends, or to some family event, like a brunch gathering.

For this outfit you could choose a part of short white pants that are not fitted but a little loose. Another thing you need to have in mind is that the short pants should not be too short. You could choose high-waist ones, but make sure they do not reveal more than ½ of your thighs.

You can match the pants with some white top. To make the outfit look more elegant, you could wear a white top with some lace on. This will add both elegance and a touch of romance.

You could wear this outfit with a short white blazer during cool nights and with a pair of white high heel sandals. This way your outfit will be complete, but you could also add some accessories, like thin necklaces or small earrings. If you want some bigger and more impressive accessory, then you could wear a bangle or a watch if you prefer.

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