Fashion Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days
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Fashion Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days


One of the things that come together with fall is the change in the weather. The sunny days become cloudy and the clouds lead to rains. It does not matter whether we love this or not, we need to take into consideration the weather. Since it will soon get rainy, we need to be prepared for it.

And what better way to do so than fashion? You could get inspired by the weather and wear some nice clothes which will make you feel good. Today we have prepared for you some outfit ideas you could wear on rainy days. Check them out!

#1 Colorful rubber boots with a short dress for the girly chick

When it is raining, it does not necessarily mean that it will be way too cold. If it is not windy, the rainy weather in the fall could be not that chilly one. So, this means that you could give a chance to dresses. Of course, it is better to choose some short one since you would not want to get it wet or anything. You could wear the dress with pantyhose under it to keep you warm.

The dress could be in black and white stripes, which is one of the prints that is a must for any girl’s wardrobe, and it could also be with a knee-length. You could match the skirt with a pink blazer which is another fashion item considered to be a top one which women need to have.

The next part of the outfit is the shoes which, as we already mentioned, are rubber boots. It is up to you to choose what color you would like. Our suggestion includes yellow rubber boots, or better yet mustard-yellow color.

You could also wear a belt and a shoulder bag as accessories which could be both in the same brown color. You could also tie your hair up in a bun and you will be ready for the rainy day.

#2 A trench coat with rubber boots for the bohemian chick

The next outfit idea suitable for rainy days again includes rubber boots because they will keep one’s feet dry. At the same time they are comfortable and can be quite fashionable, especially if they are in some vibrant colors.

This time we have prepared a black pair of rubber boots and have matched it with a black top and a pair of skinny jeans. You can tuck the jeans into the rubber boots. You could also wear one-piece main outfit instead of the jeans and the top –camiknicks in black.

When it comes to the outerwear, you could a trench coat in military green. Trench coats are perfect for the fall season. They are cool to wear and could be matched with a lot of other fashion items. You could wear the outfit with a small shoulder bag.

#3 Rubber boots with a sweater for the casual chick

The next outfit idea perfect for rainy days is inspired by the coziness these days bring. When I think of a cozy type of clothing, I usually imagine a sweater. So why not wear a comfortable sweater on rainy days? It could not be too thick one if you wear the outfit in the fall and not in the winter.

For this outfit we have chosen a simple white fall sweater and a pair of skinny jeans. We have matched it with a pair of yellow rubber boots and a jacket again in the same yellow color. Of course, you could experiment with the colors and try other combinations as well.

#4 A blazer with stilettos for the office chick

The last outfit idea in our list is for those of you who are not afraid to be attractive and elegant even on rainy days. You could actually wear stilettos on such days as well. The important thing if you choose to do so is to feel comfortable wearing them.

Our suggestion for you is a kind of an office one. You could wear a simple fitted shirt in black or in white with a pair of black fitted pants. If you want, you could wear a pair of jeans instead of the black pant. It is up to you whether you want to be more elegant or less.

You could match the outfit with a blazer in dark blue color and, of course, a pair of black stilettos, just make sure their heels are not too high so you do not slip. And to make the outfit complete, you should not forget to add a big handbag. It could be in the shape of a briefcase to make the outfit even more office-like.

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