Fashion Myths You Should Stop Believing in
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Fashion Myths You Should Stop Believing in

There a lot of fashion trends that can appeal to a person and this way one can find the clothes that reflect their personality the best. Some people prefer to follow trends blindly while other people prefer to stick to some trends and outfits that they are sure about and would not like to experiment.

And everything with fashion changes quickly, but this does not mean that all the people accept the new ideas. In fact, many are left believing that the past trends remain eternal ones. And as a result some of these past trends remain as fashion myths.

Today we are going to share with you some of the fashion myths that were taken as rules in the past and people continue following them. We are going to show you that fashion can be flexible and versatile. And that all these fashion rules you believed in are only myths. Check them out!

#1 You cannot wear silver and gold at the same time

One of the oldest myths in fashion, which a lot of people still believe in, is the one about avoiding combinations of silver and gold jewelries. One should wear either silver, or gold. However, if you think of jewelries made from white and yellow gold, you will see that they fit perfectly.

So, why instead of the white gold not wear silver? You can match a couple of silver bracelets with a couple of golden ones on the same wrist, or you could wear silver and golden rings at the same time. You can choose whichever combination you want. Feel free to do it.

#2 You can wear shiny outfits only in the evening

This is the next myth which a lot of women still believe in and that is why they avoid wearing shiny outfits at daytime. First of all, people can wear whatever they want. And secondly, it is perfectly fine to choose some shiny outfit for some daytime event.

Of course, you should not dress up as a Christmas tree, or wearing a costume full of sequins that is more likely to be worn at a dancing show. But you could definitely wear some skirt or top with a metallic shine. You could surely wear such subtle clothing every once in a while.

#3 Mixing different patterns

Another of the most common fashion myths is that people should not mix different patterns in the same outfit. For example, one should not wear flower print top with a checked bottom, or some other combination.

Nowadays print mixing is not only allowed, but it is also recommended by fashion stylists. Even patterns like checked and striped, which are total opposites in fashion, could be matched. That is if a person chooses clothes carefully.

If a person mixes different patterns well, this shows a good sense of style and that they know what they are doing.

#4 Quality things are expensive

The next fashion myth is not connected to trends but it is about the quality of the clothes. People often think that cheap clothes are not of a good quality while very expensive clothes can last really long.

It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars for a piece of clothing to buy yourself a quality one. The clothes of good quality are most often those made of natural fabrics, like cotton, silk, wool, etc. You can find cheaper items that are made of such fabrics. You can really buy quality products only not designer ones.

#5 The bag and the shoes should be in a matching color

I hope it has come the time when women finally learned that it is absolutely not necessary to match the shoes with the bag you are wearing. In fact, sometimes it is better to choose shoes and bag of a different color to make the outfit more interesting and fashionable.

The important thing is that the colors of the shoes and the bag match the colors of the outfit and complement it. And yes, they can be absolutely different ones and still rock your outfit.

#6 Short girls should not wear long dresses

The next myth, which surprisingly still circulates around, is that short women should not wear long dresses because supposedly this would make them even shorter. This, of course, is not true. A long dress can often make a short girl look even taller.

The important thing is that the design of the dress matches the woman’s figure and complements it. The long silhouette of the dress can make the woman appear taller and slimmer as well.

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