Fancy One-Side Ponytail

Fancy One-Side Ponytail

The summer is almost over, but we should get the best of these last days with some great looks. Today I will show you a great idea for an elegant hairstyle, which is perfect for a romantic chilly night with your crush. First, take a look at the final result and then follow the steps if you want to achieve it. Don’t worry it is pretty simple. Here we go:

  • Take this as an advice: if you want to impress with beautiful hairstyle, you must prepare the condition of the hair, and it must be flawless, because the hairstyle is absolutely beautiful and if you create it with ugly hair texture, you will ruin the great design of the ponytail. So, the first thing you should check is whether the roots are greasy or not. If not – great, but if they are greasy, you must do something about that problem. The first solution that pops in my mind is to apply dry shampoo at the roots in order to bring the fresh look of the hair. Or, if you have some more time, wash the hair and blow-dry it with brush and hair dryer.

  • The next step is all about the condition of the hair – it has to be smooth, but not entirely straight, if the ends are wavy, the hairstyle will be perfect. You can achieve this kind of texture with a flat iron, but when you reach the bottom half of the strand tilt the iron in order to create the wavy effect. And remember! Apply thermal protector to the hair before the work with the flat iron.

  • Then divide the hair into two sections – left and right. Tie the right section into one-side ponytail.

  • The other half divide into three sections. Twist each section and attach it to the ponytail.

  • Finish the design with beautiful hair accessory at the base of the ponytail.

  • Done!

fancy one side ponytail

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