Extravagant Gold Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Extravagant Gold Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial


Do you want to make your eyes sparkle? Wearing eye makeup that contains glitter is a great way to increase your glam factor. Applying it can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know where to start.

Before applying any makeup or glitter on, apply primer first. Select a good glitter adhesive or primer. Most glitter primers are clearly labelled with their intended purpose, so look for labels that mention glitter.

Step 1: Use your brown eye pencil to outline your eyes. Start from the inner corner following your lash line all the way to the outer corner. Make a cat eye flick by directing the wing towards the brow and then following your natural crease line. Make sure the lines you draw are thick and visible.

Step 2: Now blend the brown pencil with a small makeup brush. You are done when there are no harsh lines or edges. A makeup blending brush allows you to properly blend the eyeshadow on your face, giving you a more natural smoky effect. Use it with a transition shade for a sheer wash of colour towards the crease.

Step 3: Apply the base shadow. For this tutorial, use yellow or brownish shade to make the whole glitter makeup look pop. Use a medium brush to cover your lid with shadow.

Step 4: Grab your black liquid eyeliner and apply it above your upper lash line, creating beautiful wing at the end. Place your pinkie finger against your cheek to ensure additional stability and control.

Step 5: Dip a damp fluffy eye-shadow brush into the loose gold glitter. Lightly tap the brush to remove any excess. Use the brush to pat the glitter onto your closed lid. Continue until you feel the gold glitter has settled into place. Apply 2 to 3 coats of black mascara on both your top and bottom lashes.

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