Exfoliate Your Legs In 5 Steps

Exfoliate Your Legs In 5 Steps

If someone tells you that you must spend a lot of money on your beauty treatments, he is extremely wrong. You can keep your skin clean, smooth and silky soft with homemade recipes of masks, exfoliating scrub, dye, etc. These days you can find almost any ingredient you need in the beauty stores or even in supermarkets. Your only job is to write down the ingredients into a list and go out for shopping.

Today I want to show you a recipe for homemade body exfoliating scrub, which we will use for the skin of your legs. Take a look at the recipe and after that, follow the steps of the procedure:

You will need:

  • Granulated sugar or sea salt;
  • Water, honey or body oil;
  • A towel;
  • A body moisturizer.

Your first step is to make the exfoliating scrub. Combine one glass of crystal sugar or sea salt with just enough water/honey/oil to create a thick paste. I recommend you to use oil or honey as a mixing ingredient, because they won’t let the crystals of the sugar or salt melt so fast. Another tip is to mix the ingredients right before the application, again, because of the melting properties of the sugar and the salt.

The next step requires some quality time in the bath tube or shower cabin in order to prepare the skin for the exfoliation, which means that you have to soften the skin, which will lead to opening the pores and this is great preparation for the exfoliating, because the dirt will come out easily when the pores are wide open. So, fill the bottom of the bath tube with hot water and soak the feet in there. The steam will soften the skin and open the pores.

While you wait for the pores to open, you can mix the ingredients in a bowl. Then remove the feet from the water, and gently rub the homemade scrub to the skin. Begin at the foot and rub all the way up to the thighs. Cover the whole legs.

Then rinse with cold water. The dead cells and dirt will be gone and the cold water will close the pores, which will save them cleaner for a longer time.

The last step requires body moisturizer. Before that, pat dry the skin with soft towel – pat it, don’t rub the skin. Massage the skin while you apply the moisturizer in order to stimulate the pores to absorb the product deeply. The moisturizing step is one of the most important ones, because the exfoliating process leaves the skin dry, which can lead to more dead cells, which you’ve just removed.

If the skin of the foot – the heels, for instance, is rougher, you can use a pumice to remove  the dead cells that make your feet look ugly.

The skin of the legs and the feet must be prepared for the summer and this homemade recipe is a great way to do it without emptying your pockets. Enjoy!


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