Evening Makeup for Brave Girls

Evening Makeup for Brave Girls

Well, there are much kinkier makeup designs which require bravery, but this one is just strange, not kinky. I find it strange, but yet, I love the way it looks when applied on the lids, especially when the eyes are brown. So, let’s follow the steps one by one and you will see how interesting this makeup could get. Here we go:

  • As every makeup tutorial begins, this one would make no difference – we must start with the primer. I will repeat this step every time because it is important to create a stable base for every makeup decoration, even when it is just a simple eyeliner design.

  • Then, you have to stick a paper tape strip under the eye in order to create a nice and straight V shape at the outer corner of the eye. But first, stick the tape strip on the back of the hand or on a piece of clothing in order to remove some of the glue, which otherwise might harm the delicate skin area of the eye.

  • Then, cover the whole lid with white base color. It will create a night brightening effect of the eye and the white base will also make a pop-out effect of the color.

  • Cover the middle of the lid with peach shimmer. It must be opaque.

  • Then, cover the outer edge of the peach shimmer with brown shadow.

  • Cover the outer V-shape of the design with black color and merge it with the brown one.

  • Then, move to the bottom lid and enhance it with the black color, but don’t cover the bottom rim with black color, cover it with white or nude color.

  • Then, draw the best eyeliner you can draw and at the end, finish the look with a thick coat of mascara. All done! Enjoy this look and come back for more great ideas and designs. See you soon!

evening makeup for brave girls

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