Elegant Winter Outfit Ideas to Try This Season
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Elegant Winter Outfit Ideas to Try This Season


Even though Christmas and New Year’s Eve are already in the past, this does not mean that people should not go to parties for the rest of the season and should stay at home and watch TV because the weather is too cold to go out. Of course not. There are plenty of reasons to have a party and this even includes the winter.

To inspire you to go out more often during the season, no matter whether the weather is good or not, we have prepared for you a few elegant outfit ideas to try this winter. And let me tell you, parties are a great excuse to try them out.

#1 A short woolen dress

The first of our suggestions combines all a lady could search for an evening outfit for the winter. It is relatively warm, it is comfortable, and yet quite elegant. You can wear a fitted woolen dress for a night out in the winter. You can choose one which is not that long, up to your knees if you want it to be sexier, but make sure it is with long sleeves to keep you warm.

It could also be with a turtleneck because it will make a nice finish to the upper area of the dress that is suitable for the winter. Instead of a fitted woolen dress, you can also wear a little bit looser one which will make the overall look of the outfit slightly more casual. Depending on the event you can choose either dress pattern.

You can wear it with knee boots and some clutch bag. If you have black boots, it is better to avoid wearing the same color dress. You can choose one in a nude hue to make a contrast with the color of the boots. Or if you prefer you could do it the other way round, but remember that no matter if black is a great winter color and we all love it, there should still be some other color that is part of the outfit.

#2 A fitted top and a skirt

The next outfit idea which we have prepared for you consists of a top part and a bottom one – a skirt. There are two types of skirts you can wear with this outfit. The first one is short and flared and the other is a long and fitted – pencil skirt.

Short skirt

You can match the short flared one with a fitted top with long sleeves and a turtleneck. You can choose slightly high-waist skirt and you can tuck in the top in it. As for the colors, you can wear a black skirt with a red top, but there are also other color variations you can try out.

You can wear the skirt with some black pantyhose underneath since it is winter and you will need more protection from the cold. The outfit will also look very cute if you match it with some ankle boots instead of knee ones. And, of course, do not miss to add some clutch bag, or small shoulder one.

Long pencil skirt

As for the other outfit with the long pencil skirt, you can also match it with some fitted top with long sleeves, or even a turtleneck one – it will look good and elegant. You can again aim at high waist skirt – it will elongate your body and will make it look slimmer.

As for the shoes you can wear this outfit with, you should definitely stick to some stiletto ones, or high heel ankle boots. As for the colors, you can try some rather dark combinations, like brown and black, black and red, grey and black, and so on.

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