Elegant Design for Your Nails

Elegant Design for Your Nails

I want to show you how you can prepare a gorgeous manicure just like a professional would do it. You will make a nail treatment and you will do the things right if you follow the steps and my tips down below. This manicure is extremely simple, but this doesn’t mean that there is no room for mistakes. You can mess it up no matter how simple the decoration is, if you don’t follow the steps properly. Check them out and I hope you will end up with beautiful nail decoration. Here we go:

  • First, you must prepare the nails for the decoration. If they are in bad condition, you must fix that. The bad condition means that the skin around the nails is dry, chapped and the nails are out of shape. That’s why you must spend some time on grooming the nails, for instance, with petroleum jelly, hand scrub, nail file and nail polish primer. All these steps must happen now, before the application of the colors.

  • Once the nails are groomed and shaped into equal shape, you are allowed to paint them in the base color, which in our case is the so-trendy Stone nail polish. Apply two layers of that base color. Let it dry completely before you move to the next step.

  • Now, you will need a paper tape to help you make the detail. Cut small pieces and stick them on the nail in order to leave a thin line on the side of the nail. This thin line must be covered in other color, darker than the base one. I recommend you to use dark red color or Marsala color.

  • Apply the color, wait a few seconds and then remove the paper strip carefully, try not to smudge the wet nail polish.

  • Then, when the decoration is dry, lock it with a thick layer of top coat. All done!

elegant design for your nails

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