Eating Habits That Will Interrupt Your Weight Loss Program

Eating Habits That Will Interrupt Your Weight Loss Program

There is no secret that will help you to lose weight, it is clear that you have to find the balance between the most efficient exercises and the most matching food for the goals you have set. But sometimes people who want to lose weight, make some common mistakes which bother the achieving process of their goals. In this article I will present you these mistakes and you can check if you are one of these people. Remember, losing weight is a combination between proper food, high-level physical activities and determination. If you manage to keep the balance of this combination, you will see great results any time soon. So, let me show you the most common eating mistakes that can ruin your great results:

The first huge mistake is that you are fooling yourself that you eat healthy by choosing “diet” foods. Major mistake!First of all, if the food comes in а bottle (except water), can or package – it is not diet at all. These foods are full of preservatives and sugar, even fat. It doesn’t matter what the text on the package says, there always be some sugar in the food in order to make it taste good and addictive so you will come back and buy the same package. In fact, when you eat a “healthy” snack like oatmeal bar or frozen diet fat-free yogurt, you will feel hungry after 15 minutes and you will eat more “diet” food and that’s how you will fall into а never-ending circle of wrong eating. The trick is to eat fresh, whole foods. Try to stay away from foods in packages.

So, let’s say that you eat fresh and whole foods, but the results still don’t come. Maybe you are overeating with healthy foods. Overeating is extremely bad for the body, no matter what kind of food it is. For instance, the oatmeal is very nutrient and caloric and if you overeat with oatmeal, nuts and fruits you will overload the metabolism and it won’t work properly. To prevent such thing, you should learn when your body is full and when it’s hungry. Until then, you can speak to your doctor to give you guidelines about the amount of portions, appropriate for your body weight and for your goals.

Another huge mistake is to skip meals. This won’t make you any thinner. The explanation is simple and logical: once you skip a meal, you are leaving the body hungry and it starts to use its fuel to survive – the stored fat, but when you eat after a while, the body is already stressed and it thinks that you will leave it hungry again and it stores everything that you consume into fat buildups in order to have some fuel for the next time.So, skipping meals is very, very wrong habit. You have to eat three main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two snacks – between the breakfast and the lunch and between the lunch and the dinner.

Lack of knowledge about the good and the bad ingredients of the foods is a mistake too. For instance, many people try to eat fat-less food, but these people don’t know that some fats are good and healthy for the body, like fish fat and avocado fat. Healthy fats will give you energy and fresh feeling, without making you actually fat. They keep you fuller for longer time and the plant fats suppress the appetite hormones. The plant fats can be found in olive oil, avocado and nuts. They are also rich in antioxidants, which clean the body from toxins, and the plant fats boost up the metabolism.

Be smart, eat the right foods and work out often, and then, the results will come.

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