Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
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Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is here and you have no idea what kind of costume you are going to wear for the very holiday? Do not worry, this could happen to anyone, especially for those people who have waited till the last minute to decide whether they are going to celebrate Halloween at all.

Even if you are in such kind of situation, I am sure that you could always pull off some costume from the clothes and accessories that you already have. To help you with this task, we have prepared for you a short list of DIY last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

Sometimes one can have all the necessary items for a costume and to need only a little inspiration to put all the pieces together. And that is what we are going to do for you today. Check out these last-minute Halloween costume ideas!

#1Snow White

If you want to be one of the famous fairytale princesses, you can consider dressing up as Snow White. It is not necessary to have an exact replica of her dress from the famous animation movie, but what you can do is to stick to the main colors of the outfit which were yellow for the bottom part of the dress and blue for the upper part of it. Snow White is also known for having a red bow in her hair.

What you could do to have Snow White’s outfit for Halloween at the last moment is to wear, for example, a yellow skirt with a blue top. Make sure the colors are bright and vibrant. The next part of the outfit is the popular headband with a bow in red. There are plenty of places you could find such headbands if you do not have one already.

And since you will be Snow White, there is a really important element that you should not miss to include in your outfit – the red apple given to her by her stepmother dressed as an old which. If you add this to the outfit, you can be sure that nobody will be left wondering who you dressed up like.

#2The Little Mermaid

The next costume in our list is again a princess from a very famous animation movie – the Little Mermaid Ariel. Do not worry, you will not have to prepare yourself a fishtail costume, you could work with the items that you have at home already. There are actually two types of costumes you could wear if you want to be the Little Mermaid.

The first one is to put on some fitted green skirt, which you need to make sure is neither too dark, nor too bright and that is quite vibrant. The next thing that you could add to the outfit is, of course, the famous purple bikini top. If you could find one in the shape of seashells it would be even better.

As for the shoes of the outfit, you could choose some flip-flops because they will match the beach theme of the outfit. One important thing which you can include in your outfit is some red hair. You could wear a wig or use some temporary hair color sprays. Last, but not least, we suggest that you bring with yourself a fork with which to brush your hair, a thing Ariel is famous for.

#3 A spy

The next outfit idea is perfect for those of you who have a lot of black clothes in their wardrobes. This is the best wardrobe for a typical spy. You can put on some fitted black pants, if you have leather pants if would be even better because they will be sexy and a perfect part of the costume at the same time.

You could match them with a fitted black top and some black leather jacket. The next part of the outfit are the shoes, which in this case are best to be black boots with length up to the knees or so. The next part of the outfit is very important and one of the main pieces of the outfit – black gloves.

A pair of black, preferably leather, gloves is an important part of every typical spy’s outfit. The last finishing touch to this costume could be some eye mask. You could have a simple one made of a piece of black fabric with two holes for your eyes. Or if you are good at drawing and doing makeup, you could actually have strong black eye makeup imitating a black eye mask.

And this way your costume will be good enough for the Halloween party you are going to attend.

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