Easy Exercises to Help You Lose Fat from Love Handles
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Easy Exercises to Help You Lose Fat from Love Handles


Summer has come and more and more women are getting ready for the beach. Some focus on waxing, others go on diets, and some prefer to start doing excessive exercises to keep their bodies fit. Different women gain weight on different parts of their bodies. Some gain more weight on their bellies, others – on their hips, and some have problems with their love handles.

So, we have decided to focus on one of these areas and help you get rid of the extra weight you may have there. I am talking about love handles. Check out some of the best exercises that will help you get rid of the extra fat you may have on your love handles. The best part is that you could choose just one or two of them, the ones which you find easier and more pleasant for you.

#1 To-the-side

The first, and most pleasant exercise, according to me, is the one which is called to-the-side, but I can also add to-the-side with a turn. What you have to do is to stand up straight with your legs as far as you can put them. Your feet should be at least on the level of your shoulders, but if you can put them even wider apart, it would be even better.

Once you are in this position, raise your hands above your head. If you want the exercise to be even more effective, it is best to use a dumbbell. Hold it with both your hands above your head. Raise your hands as much as possible.

Then you simply need to bend to the side without changing the position of your feet or your arms. They still need to be as straight as possible. Once you have bended to the left, turn your body to the front so you twist it, but you still should not move your arms or legs.

You will feel the pressure on your love handles, while you are doing this part of the exercise. Then simply untwist your body as if you are doing this exercise the reverse way. Next you need to repeat the same exercise but this time bending your body to the right. If you want to have maximum results, do 3 sets of 15 bends on each side. And once you are ready with this exercise, take a break and do the next one.

#2 Knee bends

The next exercise is also very easy to do, but this time instead of adumbbell, you will need a ball. If you wander what kind of bowl to use, try with an ordinary football or volleyball balls.

The first thing you need to do is to get a mat and to lay it down on the floor. Then lie down on top of it. Then you need to bend your knees up in the air. Make sure you lift your booty from the ground a little. Then put the ball between your knees and hold it tight, so it does not fall off.

When you have made sure that you are holding the ball tightly and your booty is still a little up in the air, put your arms to the sides as if you are making a cross with your body. It is important that you should not move the arms from this position. You cannot use their help while you are doing the twists.

The last thing you need to do is to bend your legs to the right. They should be in the same position you have put them in the beginning. Be careful the ball does not fall off. Then tilt your legs to the left again in the same position. You need to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each side.

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