Easy Ballerina Hairstyle

Easy Ballerina Hairstyle


Who doesn’t love ponytails? They are the perfect hairstyle for special occasions as well as for everyday looks. Creating a unique hairstyle with a twist is an easy way to spice things up, especially when you have to go out to a fancy event. This must be a love at first sight! If you are looking for a hairstyle that is ideal for special occasions, consider your search over! Follow the simple steps below and you will learn how to recreate this ballerina hairstyle! Now let’s start with your amazing hairstyle transformation!

Step 1: Divide your hair into two high ponytails. To create the first ponytail, simply grab your hair from the ears up and tie it with a rubber band. To create the second one, gather all of your remaining hair beneath the first ponytail. Secure tightly with a rubber band.

Step 2: Take the end of the first ponytail and wrap it around the base of the second ponytail.

Step 3: Continue wrapping the end around the base of the first ponytail as well.

Step 3: Now take some bobby pins and secure the end in place to ensure stability. Take as much bobby pins as you need to keep the end of the ponytail from falling and ruining your amazing ponytail effect!

Step 4: Gently pull the edges of the pinned ponytail to lightly hide the bobby pins. If you think your hairstyle is loose, add some more bobby pins!

Step 5: Finish your lovely ballerina hairstyle with a light hairspray to keep it from falling apart. You may top off the style by adding some fancy hair pins at the base of each ponytail for a glamorous finish. In fact, a ribbon or a flower accessory on your hair will make it look softer and more feminine!

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