Easy and Pretty DIY Ideas for Your Christmas Decorations
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Easy and Pretty DIY Ideas for Your Christmas Decorations


The days go fast and before you know it the most wonderful time of the year will be here – Christmas. People who love the holiday a lot have already decorated their homes and have already bought presents for their loved ones. However, a lot of us wait for the last minute to do these things and that is often why we get into trouble and have no time to choose presents and decorations.

To help you with this task, today we have decided to share with you a few ideas about your Christmas decoration. The good news is that they are not difficult to execute, do not cost a lot of money, and are perfect for a last-minute Christmas decoration. So, check them out!

#1 Glass vases with nuts

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for the holiday is to use food. We all know that this is quite an important part of the festivity. And this hack is so simple that all of you are capable of doing it. You will just need a couple of glass vases, or glass jars if you have, and fill them with nuts. Make sure you use different nuts. And you may also mix them with some small fruits, like dry ones.

#2 Use colorful fir cones

Another item which will be a good part of your Christmas decorations is fir cones. They are often present in such kinds of decorations. If you want to make this kind of decoration with a twist, you may simply use colorful cones, like in blue, pink, green, yellow. But if you are a little bit more traditionalist, like me, you can use ordinary fir cones.

Decorate your table with them. You can either put them in a bowl somewhere on the center of the table, or you could put them on the table next to the forks and knives. Or you could use your imagination and decorate the table with fir cones the way you want.

#3 Candles

The next way you can decorate your home for the holiday is to use candles. Candles are part of the holiday decoration for quite a long time. And some people even consider it impossible not to include candles in their holiday home decorations. You also can include them in your list of Christmas items you will need for your decoration.

You can use ordinary white candles and you can tie some ribbons on them. Or you can also put 3 candles in some small tray and add a couple of fir tree branches. This will make the decoration not only pretty, but also gentle and not over the top. You can also try other decoration ideas with candles. Check out the next idea.

#4 Floating candles

This decoration idea is one of my favorite ones. You can also use it for different kinds of holidays, like birthdays and romantic dinners. Here are two ideas you can create this floating candles decoration. You will need a deep glass vase and 2 or 3 candles. As for the candles, you can use small candles, the smallest ones there are.

Fill the vase with water and before that with some stones, or even fake flowers but the important thing is to fill it with water. Then light the candles and carefully let them flow on the surface of the vase. If you are worried that they may sink, you can add some object like branches in the vase to support the candles.

The other way you can try this decoration technique without worrying that the candles may sink is to use big candles. Put them in the vase so they reach the bottom of it and then fill the vase with water up to the part where the wick of the candles is. If you want, you may add some ribbons, stones, or fake flowers in the vase again to make it prettier and to hide the bottom part of the candles so that you can create the illusion that the candles are floating on the surface.

#5 Dry tangerine peels

Citrus fruits have always reminded me of Christmas because this is the time of the year when I eat them the most. There are also many other people who choose this kinds of fruits for their Christmas table. And once you eat the fruits do not throw away the peels, especially when it comes to tangerine peels. When they become dry you can use them to create different shapes and Christmas tree toys.

What you need to do is to peel the tangerines by doing so in one big piece. This way you will find it easier to create the toys later. Then get some cookie cutters. Cut the tangerine peels into these kinds of shapes and leave them to get dry completely. You may not wait them to get dry, of course, but thread them one by one on a piece of thread.

Voila, you have your own unique decorations. You may use the shapes to decorate your Christmas tree, or your Christmas table.

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