Easy and Delicious Egg Recipes to Try on Your Own
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Easy and Delicious Egg Recipes to Try on Your Own

There are a lot of people, especially women, who think that eggs are caloric and that is why they avoid including them in their diet. However, this is not exactly true. Eggs do not contain a lot of calories and are very healthy. A couple of eggs a day will make one’s diet even healthier than it is and not to mention more delicious.

Today we have prepared for you a couple of easy, fast, and delicious recipes you can try on your own at home to have a healthy meal that will give you quite a lot of energy. If you are already curious, check out the recipes!

#1 Guacamole Eggs


a dozen of eggs

2 avocados

2 tablespoons of lime juice

1 tomato

½ cup of red onions (1 small onion)

2 tablespoons of cilantro

1 tablespoon of garlic

salt to taste
pepper to taste

some tortilla chips for garnishing


Step 1

First, you need to boil the eggs. It is better to hard boil them for this recipe. Put them in a big pan of water and heat it. Once the water starts boiling, set a timer for 12 minutes. This way you will have hard-boiled eggs. Or if you want you can use an egg-boiler.

When the eggs are boiled, take the pan off the hot plate and leave it aside for about 10 minutes. Then put the eggs in a bowl full of ice cubes and let them stay there for 10 more minutes. This way when you start peeling them, it will be a piece of cake.

Step 2

After you have peeled the eggs, cut them in half vertically. Take the boiled egg yolks from the egg whites. Put all the egg yolks in a bowl and mash them. You could do it with some fork even.

Step 3

Get the avocados and cut them in half vertically as well. Remove the stones and scrape the avocado flesh from the peel. Cut the scraped flesh in small cubes and add them into the bowl with the egg yolks.

Step 4

Then you need to add the tablespoons of lime juice into the bowl as well. You will need about a lime for this. Then season them with some salt and pepper to your taste. Mix the ingredients in the bowl a little.

Then get the tomato and wash it. Dice it and the pieces into the bowl as well. Chop the cilantro and add it into the bowl. Chop the onion and add it into the bowl as well. Mince the garlic and then add it into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Step 5

Mix all the ingredients in the bowl a little and then mash them using a fork again. Then continue mixing them until it turns all into a homogeneous paste. When the sauce is ready, you need to move on to the last step.

Step 6

Line the egg whites halves in a tin and fill them with a spoonful of the egg yolk sauce. Do not worry if some of the sauce is a little bit above the surface of the egg whites.

Once you have filled in all the egg white halves, you need to garnish them with a small piece of taco. Stick a piece of taco into each one of the egg halves. You can also add some small leaf of parsley to garnish it with as well.

And voila, the guacamole eggs are ready!

#2 Chicken and egg Noodles


2 chicken breasts

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

2 minced garlic cloves

2 cups of asparagus

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

3 eggs

1 bowl of cooked noodles


First you need to get a deep pan and heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in it. Then cut the chicken breast in pieces which are big enough for a bite. Add them into the heated pan. Cook them for half a minute and then add season the chicken with salt and pepper. Stir the chicken pieces.

In a minute add the garlic cloves, which you can chop beforehand if you want. Wash the asparagus and cut them into 8 centimeter pieces and add them into the pan.

Cook everything well for some more time by constantly mixing it. Then season the ingredients with the soy sauce and mix the ingredients once more. Then add the three eggs, which you need to whisk before you add them into the pan. Continue cooking the dish until the eggs are nicely cooked. Lastly, you need to add the cooked noodles into the pan and cook the dish for one more minute by mixing all the ingredients well.

After that you need to take off the pan from the hot plate and serve the dish. Enjoy your meal!

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