Easter Getaway Destinations to Visit This Year
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Easter Getaway Destinations to Visit This Year

Easter, like Christmas, is one of the holidays that a lot of people want to spend with family and relatives. However, there is another way to spend the holidays and it is by traveling. One of the advantages of Easter is that the holiday is always during the spring, which means that the whether is much more suitable for some short vacation.

If you also are ready to enjoy the warm spring sun during the Easter holidays, then you can check these travel destinations which you can visit this year. Here they are!

#1 Morocco

Morocco may not celebrate Easter but this does not mean that you cannot visit it during the holiday. In fact, those of you who want to escape from all the fuzz during Easter may go there to have some rest.

The temperatures in Morocco at this time of the year are just perfect because the weather is warm and not too hot. The degrees during the day are 27 0C. However, the temperatures drop at night, that is why you need to get some warmer clothes as well.

If you decide to visit it, you will have the opportunity to see some new culture and lifestyle. You will get in touch with the Moroccan habits and you will see their cute buildings. Some people say they feel as if they are in some other world, or even a fairytale when they are in Morocco. It is definitely worth visiting it.

#2 Cuba

Cuba is a great spring destination in general, so one can take the opportunity and visit it during the Easter holidays. The weather at this time of the year is perfect for those of you who like sunny weather that it not very hot and at the same time it is dry. Well, this is exactly what the weather in Cuba is.

Besides, if you decide to visit it during the holiday, you will have the chance to see how the Cubans celebrate Easter. The festive mood is in the air and you will see some of the traditional celebrations in the country that you may have not seen or attended before. The experience is worth it.

#3 Cyprus

Personally I am in love with all South Eastern European countries and the Mediterranean culture and architecture. And that is why they are always in top places in my travel list. And the best time to visit any of them is spring for sure. This is because the weather there is warm, but not boiling hot as it is in the summer.

One of the places that you can visit during the Easter holidays is Cyprus. Those of you who cannot wait to have some suntan could definitely grasp the opportunity and go to some of the dozens Cyprian beaches for sunbathing. If you find it too cold, though, you could have a walk on the beach and enjoy the great scenery.

Another reason for this time of the year to be the best one to visit Cyprus is that this is the greenest season and thus the scenery is very colorful and fresh. There is just no way one not to feel better after visiting the country in spring.

#4 Barcelona

When it comes to Easter traveling destinations, there is just no way not to include one particular Spanish city in the list – Barcelona. All Spanish cities are great at this time of the year, but the reason why Barcelona is one of the top ones is that it has everything that a person can want for a nice Easter vacation.

The weather is great at this time of the year and one could take the opportunity to go to the beach and have some suntan. Apart from the great scenery, Barcelona is a city with rich culture and great architecture. All the cathedrals and churches there are breathtaking. And not only this, but one can even attend the liturgies for the holiday.

#5 Paris, France

The capital of France, Paris, is one of the most known cities around the world. It is also considered to be one of the most romantic ones, but this does not mean that you cannot have your family vacation there as well. Paris is very beautiful at this time of the year because all the trees bloom and the weather is sunny. Still, the temperatures are not that high, so make sure you also check the forecast and prepare yourself some warm clothes as well.

There are a lot of landmarks that one should visit when they go there and probably the time will not enough to visit all of them. Easter is a holiday that is celebrated greatly in France and if you decide to visit Paris at this time of the year, you will have the chance to see a lot of special ceremonies for the holiday. And let’s just not mention the festive spirit and positive mood that will be in the air.

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