Do You Have These Everyday Habits that are Actually Bad for Your Health
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Do You Have These Everyday Habits that are Actually Bad for Your Health

All people have some habits. They could be some healthy ones, like drinking a glass of water after they wake up in the morning, or sleeping for 8 hours a night. But unfortunately, not all the habits people have are good ones. Some can be quite bad for one’s health but one could not even know that this is so.

They could simply think that this is something normal or unimportant and not to consider it as something that is not healthy. Today we are going to tell you about these habits and why they are not good for you. Check it out!

#1 Using your phone before going to bed

The first of the bad habits is a very common one. There are a lot of people who cannot stop using their phones and they literally use them all the time. Which also means that they are likely to use their phones before going to bed.

The reason why this is not good is simple – superficial light, like the one from the phone, the computer, or the TV. This light irritates your eyes and it can suppress the production of the hormone melatonin. If melatonin is low in one’s body this can lead to tiredness, depression, even some more serious diseases.

As a whole you will not be able to get your healthy good night sleep, you will get irritated and the next day you will not be productive. Basically, you need to forget about using your phone, computer, TV and such pieces of technology half an hour before going to bed.

#2 You use perfume

Probably you did not know that applying perfume is not good for you since so many people are using it and there are no signs that this is wrong. Well, it is and this is so because perfumes contain synthetic substances which means that they are not natural ones. They can cause some skin irritation, dizziness, drowsiness and in some cases even allergic reactions.

So, what to do if you do not want to smell bad but nice and fresh, especially in the summer season? You can use essential oils instead. They are natural ones and will have a good effect on your skin. And they smell really nice.

#3 Washing your teeth right after having a meal

As a kid, I was frequently told that I needed to brush my teeth right after having a meal. And I believe that many other kids were told the same thing. However, as you can already guess this is not so. It turns out that it is better to wash your teeth half an hour, or better yet, an hour after having a meal.

This is because some food and drinks contain acids can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. If you start brushing your teeth after meal you will make them even more sensitive which can lead to pain in the future.

#4 Using plastic food containers

Plastic plates and bowls are very easy to use and thus very comfortable, one can have their meal and then throw out the utensils without having to wash them. This can be very comfortable, but unfortunately it is not very good neither for the environment, not for you.

When plastic is heated it starts emitting artificial chemicals it contains and it is then transmitted to the food it contains. And this way the bad chemicals from the plastic containers go in your body. That is why you need to avoid such plastic containers, especially if you heat them, or if you store hot food in them. It is much better to use stainless steel, porcelain, or ceramic ones instead. It would be much healthier for sure.

#5 Having fruits as desserts

Another thing people believe in is that they can have fruits whenever they like and that it is better to have fruits as desserts instead of some candies. It is true that fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and that they are healthy, but you need to be careful when you have them.

Fruits move through your digestive system fast and that is why they should not have any obstacles in front of them, meaning any other food. That is why it would be much better for your body if you have fruits in the morning without having anything else before that and not to have them as a dessert.

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