DIY Twisted Rope Hairstyle

DIY Twisted Rope Hairstyle


Looking for your next hairstyle inspiration? Search no more! When it comes to elegant and fashionable hairstyles, there is nothing that can beat the classic and timeless appeal of the twisted braid look. So, this tutorial will show you how to create the DIY twisted rope braid effect in a few simple steps. It is an easy and very cute hairstyle for both everyday and fancy occasions. Within several steps, it will make you look even more luscious and sexy all day long. Now scroll down and see how!

Before you begin, you need to start off this braid with tangle free hair. Add a small amount of your favourite leave-in conditioner on the ends and lengths of your hair. Brush through your hair to eliminate any knots.

Step 1: Gather the crown section at the back for your head and hold it with your hand.

Step 2: Like with the traditional rope braid, you will only need two equal sections for this braid. So, split this section into two.

Step 3: Wrap the left section over the right to form the rope twist. Make sure you keep the twists tight as you twirl them.

Step 4: Continue twisting the sections and holding the strands tightly so they don’t unravel.

Step 5: After two twists, take another section of hair from the side and incorporate it into the rope braid.

Step 6: Continue twisting this section.

Step 7: Now take another section from the other side and incorporate it into the rope braid.

Step 8: Continue twisting the sections until you run out of hair.

Step 9: When you reach the end of the ponytail, secure your rope braid with clear hair elastic.

Step 10: You can gently stretch the sides to emphasise the shape. If you have bangs, you can either pin them on top or leave them hanging loosely.

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