DIY Twisted Chignon for Short Hair

DIY Twisted Chignon for Short Hair


We all know how important hairstyles are in the summer. When the weather is too hot, the best hairstyle a girl can have is the one that does not get in her way and is removed from her neck so she does not feel extra warm.

However, not every girl finds it easy to do an updo because they have short hair. If you do not know how to do this, then we are going to help you. Here is an easy way to do yourself an updo if you have short hair.

Step 1

First, you need to comb your hair well and to get all of your hair that is on your crown and to pull it back. Then simply twist it to the side, but do not make it too tight. You need to start twisting this part of the section of hair you are holding that is at the back of the crown. (Look at the first picture.)

Step 2

Once you have twisted the section, you need to backcomb the twist so that you not only give it some volume, but you also make it look more casual and loose. You will need a comb with thin bristles. This is the best way to do it.

Step 3

The next step is very important and it is the key one to having a good chignon. All you need to do is to twist the section of hair around itself once as if you are making a mini bun. It will really look like a mini bun when you do it. And when it is ready simply secure it with a couple of bobby pins. Two or three will be good enough to do the job.

Step 4

The next thing you need to do is section the remaining hair in two parts horizontally. They should be as big as the first one. Repeat the previous step with the remaining two sections of hair by making mini buns and securing them with a couple of bobby pins.

Step 5

And once you do this your chignon is ready. The important thing is not to strive at perfection, but to go for a little messy chignon.


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