Discover What Your Favorite Fruit Says about Your Personality

Discover What Your Favorite Fruit Says about Your Personality


Even children know that fruits are very important for one’s health and that every person should include them in their daily meals. There are a lot of fruits and every person has its preferences.

Some prefer to have bananas, other prefer to have oranges, and some people simply love berries. The interesting thing about this is that your taste of fruits also says something about your personality. So, think about your favorite fruit and find out what is say about you.


This is one of the most popular fruits in the world and probably one of the first words people learn in English, or in any other foreign language. If this is the fruit that you most love, then you are a soft person. You are a bit quiet and you do not like arguing with other people. You prefer to solve your problems when you are relaxed. You are also very sympathetic and you help people every time you can. You are also a great friend and people like having you around. They feel comfortable with you.


Here is another very popular fruit, especially in the winter. If your favorite fruit is orange then it means you are quite independent person. You probably started work early in your life and you moved from home when you had a chance. You have a strong willpower and you are also very stubborn.

You know what you want and you do not stop until you achieve your plans, no matter how much time it might take. This also means that you are patient. You are also quite reliable. People trust you, because they know you are going to do the thing they expect from you.


There is probably not a single person in the English-speaking world that has not heard the famous saying about the apple: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If this is the fruit you most love, then you are quite an interesting and varied person.

People could never get bored with you, because they can hardly get to know all parts of your personality. You are very impulsive and outspoken. You say what you think and you hate hypocrisy and you also hate being lied to. You are a great leader because people listen to you. You know how to attract their attention and to make them believe you. This part of your personality works in your favor every time.


The way this fruit looks like a heart, people who like cherries have big hearts. They are such sweethearts that there is no way not to love them immediately. If you love cherries, then it means you are a loyal person and you are probably the nicest and most gentle one in your group.

This, of course, if not the only part of your personality that is worth admiration. You are also very creative and artistic person. Some of the best jobs for you are the ones which involve creative thinking or drawing. You are also a little of a dreamer and this helps you in achieving your dreams.


If you are looking for the person who is the party animal in the group, then you have just found it. People who love peaches the most know how to have fun. They are so energetic that it seems they never stop doing different things. They may have worked all day, but at the end of the day they will be still full of energy and would not hesitate to go partying.

These people are really outspoken. They make friends quickly, because they are not shy and can talk about different subjects. They are also the type of people who love travelling and visiting new and exotic places. A lot of people consider them as people whose mind is constantly in the clouds, but when there is something important that these people must do, they concentrate quickly and do not complain at all.

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