Different Ways to Wear a Blazer in the Fall
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Different Ways to Wear a Blazer in the Fall

Probably every woman has some favorite fashion item. Some women adore shoes, other like wearing scarves, and some are in love with skirts. And one could have a blazer as a favorite item. This item is very fashionable and can make a woman look very smart and stylish.

Blazers are one of the items that other people see first about you when you are outside which means that one should really choose it wisely and you need to match it well with the rest of your outfit if you want to look good.

If you are wondering what kind of outfits you could wear with blazers, then look no further because we will help you in this task. Today we have prepared for you some outfit ideas with blazers you could wear this fall. Check them out!

#1 Turtleneck with showing sleeves

The first of the outfit idea in our list is quite simple and casual and one could easily find the separate items of it to put it together. What you will need is a turtleneck in black and white stripes. Make sure it is one with long sleeves. Wear it with a pair of light boyfriend jeans to make the outfit a little bit more casual.

Match the outfit with a blazer in wine red color or some dark brown one. It can actually be any color depending on your own taste and intention. The important thing is that you need to roll the sleeves of the blazer and to show the sleeves of the turtleneck under it. The outfit is more of a casual one but you can wear it on a regular working day.

#2 Blazer with short denim pants

The next outfit idea is a very cute one and you need to take advantage of it while the weather is still warm. Apart from the blazer you need to pay special attention to the bottom part of the outfit – short denim pants. You can wear them with a simple top in a light gray colors. As for the color of the blazer, you can choose a white one to stick to the light color hues.

With this outfit you could wear a handbag in a light blue color. If you want to add some more accessories to the outfit, you could put on a belt in black or brown color and you could tuck your top in the pants. This way you will look sweet, casual and stylish at the same time.

#3 All in white

Blazers are best to be worn with jeans or some kind of pants, but are not very suitable for wearing them with dresses or skirts. It is not impossible to find a good dress or skirt match to the outfit, but it is definitely harder so you should better avoid it. But apart from jeans, you could wear a blazer with pants.

Our suggestion for you is all in white because this is a color which makes a person look very elegant and sophisticated. You can wear a white blazer with a white shirt and cream color pants. Just make sure they are not too loose especially around your ankles, this way they will be a better match to the blazer. You can wear the outfit with high heels to make it more elegant and suitable for a day in the office. You can add some golden or silver accessories

#4 Girly elegance

And since we mentioned above that there are ways you could match a blazer with a dress or a skirt, here is an example how you can do this. It is important to choose the right blazer size, it should be fitted and it should be about 20-30 centimeters shorter than the dress.

You should also match the colors of the blazer and the dress. For example, you could wear a beige dress with white lace and a beige blazer. This way the color nuances will be mild matching ones.

You can wear the outfit with high heels in some similar color hues, for example white. The whole outfit could be accompanied by a mini shoulder bag in the same color as the color of the blazer.

And if you are wondering what kind of jewelries to choose for this outfit, stick to golden ones because they will match the beige color of the outfit perfectly.

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