Different Outfit Ideas that Will Make Socks Your Favorite Fashion Accessory
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Different Outfit Ideas that Will Make Socks Your Favorite Fashion Accessory


When a person thinks of fashion accessories, they are likely to think about hats, scarves, bags, jewelries, and so on but they would hardly imagine socks. Socks are a type of clothing which is often described as something that is practical and comfortable, but not a typical fashion accessory.

This, however, does not mean that socks cannot be one’s main accessory to wear. In fact, fashion is so unpredictable that the pieces you expect the least can turn into current trends. And to show you that socks can be a great fashion accessory, we have prepared for you a list of outfit ideas with socks suitable for fall. Try them out!

#1 Casual and fierce

The first of our ideas with socks as a centerpiece is both casual and fierce. You can wear a fitted casual grey dress, like a cotton one, that is actually quite short – no longer than the first half of the thigh. You can wear it with a long trench coat again in some dark color, like dark blue or dark grey.

And since the temperatures could be quite low, you need to put some pantyhose under the dress. As for the socks, you can choose a long pair of socks, about a thigh length that go a little but above the knees. They can be again in some dark color like dark grey, or dark blue.

You can match the socks with a pair of ankle boots in black. As for the rest of the accessories, you can go for a casual winter hat and a backpack. All of the accessories will make the outfit fashionable, casual, and super cool.

#2 Green sweater and matching socks

The next outfit idea in our list would probably appeal to those of you who are not afraid to match unusual parts of their outfits. This outfit idea will show you that you can match socks to the main pieces of your outfit. You can, for example, wear a green sweater and the same color socks. And since you want to show the matching items of your outfit, you should no cover the socks but make them stand out.

You can wear the sweater with a skirt that is not too long, about the level of your knees. As for the shoes for the outfit, you can, surprisingly enough, wear high heels. Women usually find it strange to wear above the ankle socks with high heels, especially in such an outstanding color. But since often wrong is right in fashion, then this combination is perfectly ok. If you want to make the outfit complete, you can add some bag with green handles. This will be even a greater twist to the combination of the outfit.

#3 Bright outstanding socks

The next outfit idea is similar to the previous one but with some changes. First of all, if you decide to wear socks as an accessory, you need to choose such kind of socks that are outstanding ones. They can be long in some not so bright colors, or if they are short, they need to be in some vivid outstanding color.

You can, for example, wear an all-black outfit – black shirt, black pants, and black shoes, with socks in a saturated blue color. You need to make sure, however, that the pant are not covering the socks and that they stand out.

If you want to make this outfit even more interesting, you can wear a bag in the same blue color. You will definitely make a good impression this way.

#4 Socks above the leggings

The next outfit in our list is another example of making colorful socks stand out. You can wear black leggings with some long shirt in any color you like, like black or white, or grey, for example. You can then pick a long coat or a trench coat in some vibrant and bright color, like green, and to match it with socks in the same color. You need to wear the socks above the leggings and make sure you choose somewhat long ones, like calf ones, to be sure they will show.

You can also wear some black flat shoes with this outfit and a floppy hat as an accessory. There is no need to choose a colorful hat. In fact, it is better to wear some subtle dark color. You can also add a couple of last touches to the outfit, like a shoulder bag and some black sunglasses. And voila, your outfit will be an interesting, fashionable, and outstanding one.

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