Different Outfit Ideas for Wearing Colorful Coat on Cold Days
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Different Outfit Ideas for Wearing Colorful Coat on Cold Days


There are a lot of people who claim that do not like the winter season because it is too cold, but if you think about it fashion can keep you warm. And this is not only because you can wear thick clothes that will protect your body from the bitter cold, but also because the cool and fun ways you can match different fashion items, even in the cold months of the year, can make you feel much better.

Today we decided to inspire the colorful side of you by giving you some ideas for wearing a colorful coat in the autumn and winter. Even if people are used to wearing mostly dark clothes during the cold months of the year, this does not mean that one should not wear some more colorful and brighter clothes every now and then. If you have a couple of vibrant color coats in your wardrobe, you can easily freshen up your style for the winter.

#1 Red coat and black and white outfit

The first outfit in our list is perfect for the colder days of the year. It is not too colorful and can match a working environment if there is not some strict dress code. You could wear some black-and-white outfit, such as black fitted pants, or black skinny jeans, and some white shirt. If the day is too color, you could wear a white sweater.

You could match the outfit with a long red woolen coat that will keep you warm in the winter. The red color will not be over-the-top one and will match the season, but at the same time will add some kind of brightness to the outfit.

You can add some boots in black to complement the red color of the coat, or if you want, you could also wear red boots. This way you will match the color of the coat with the color of the boots. In this case, however, you need to make sure you do not wear a bag in the same color as the coat and the boots.

#2 Bright Yellow

The next outfit idea in our list is very fresh and bright but at the same time very classy, so I am sure it can match a lot of ladies’ personal style. For the main piece of the outfit we have chosen a bright yellow coat the color of which can cheer you up even in gloomy days.

The rest of the outfit could be more sophisticated or more casual depending what you prefer and the coat can work both of them well. You could wear all in black outfit with black top and a black pair of pants. Or you could wear jeans instead in black, or in the classic denim blue.

#3 Green for the bold ones

The next outfit idea includes my personal favorite type of coat – green one. Green is not the most common color for coats but it looks very stylish and classy, especially if the color is some dark shade of the green. If you want to look classy in the winter, no matter where you go, to work, on a night out with friends, or to some important event, you can wear a green coat to look great in it.

Under it you could wear some black outfit. Or you could wear it with a more casual outfit, like a striped top with a pair of denim jeans. You could wear the outfits with black boots. Such green hues are well complemented by black and sometimes by yellow. You could consider such kind of outfit combinations as well.

#4 All in blue

Last, but not least, we have a very bold and at the same time chic and elegant suggestions for our readers – an outfit that is all in blue, especially the coat. You could wear some darker blue hue to match the overall dark colors of the season.

If you want your outfit to be really outstanding, you can also wear the rest of your outfit in blue. You can choose some blue jeans and a blue shirt. Or if you want to be more elegant and sophisticated, you can wear a suit in blue. It could be some other hue of the blue, to complement the coat, but to have some contrast with it at the same time.

And if you are wondering what kind of accessories to choose for the outfit, or rather what kind of color, you can again stick to blue. You could wear a blue bag with some blue high heels. And if you want to complement the outfit with some jewelry, you can do it by wearing golden pieces of such.

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